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Poll Question: What is your favorite phone? Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

13 Sep

iphone vs. Samsung vs. ???

Advisory class almost didn’t start today because of a passionate debate between some students about their favorite phone. In light of the release of the new iPhone X, it sparked a debate among some students, so I thought this might be a nice opportunity (optional) to connect what we are doing in class to another topic. In the comment section, write a paragraph where you make a claim (ex. “The Samsung Galaxy smartphone is a better phone than a…”). Make sure you support your claim with evidence and reasoning (your explanation).

If you don’t own a phone, you could also make a claim about a different topic, such as: Why you think people your age should not have a phone. (ex. “Sixth grade students are too young to own their own phone because…”). Another one? “My parents should let me own a phone because…”

Although I now have an iPhone 6+, I owned a Nokia phone for nearly eight years. I loved it! When you post your comment, you need to add your first name only and your email address. Leave the box that says ‘website’ empty. All comments are moderated meaning I must approve them first before they are visible to everyone.

Miruna’s Poll Question

9 Mar

Send me more poll questions!

Best Dab Poll (Stem Fest)

21 Feb


Dab A Group

Dab A Group

Dab B Group

Dab B Group

Dab C Group

Dab C Group


Dab D Group

Great job at STEM Fest! I loved the projects (Sustainable AISC and Surviving a Flood), and I can see you worked hard and learned a lot. I am not sure who started the dab dance move at Stem Fest, but here are a few photos I took. We need more poll questions. Vote for the best one, and send me some more poll questions to add to our class blog.

stem-3 stem1 stem2


The Ice Man Murder Mystery Poll: Vote Now

24 Aug

Favorite Social Studies Unit

1 Jun


World Wide Wilbur

12 May

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Our M.S. assembly today featured Wilbur Sargunaraj, India’s first Youtube superstar.  We danced, he told jokes, and he had some important messages – Be yourself, be first class!  Did you enjoy this assembly? What was some of the advice he gave to students? Vote on the poll question below and check out some of the articles and videos he made on National Public Radio (NPR) about village life in Tamil Nadu and India. Some of his comments made me think of the Out of Eden project and our next footstep, the importance of meeting people from other cultures and learning about other cultures. You might enjoy the video on this playlist about life in rural India. You’re a simple superstar!

Week Without Walls

9 Mar

Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin

Week Without Walls in Yelagiri was a learning experience for everyone. We saw many examples of students modeling the 4C’s of AISC’s mission statement and we also saw good team work and collaboration on display. What did you like or dislike about the three days in Yelagiri?
I liked/disliked…
Something from Week Without Walls that I will never forget is…

Electronic Oasis

8 Feb

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“Water is gold in the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia. No surprise. It’s in one of the hottest deserts in the world. Walking for three days recently near the western scarp of the Rift Valley, guide Ahmed Alema Hessan and I found one smear of muddy rainwater to ease our camels’ thirst. But we stumbled across a new type of waterhole a day later—a coveted oasis of electrons, the village of Dalifagi.”Out of Eden Walk, January 28, 2013 Dispatch
The ‘Sole Brothers’ dispatch was a practice reflection and introduction to Paul’s journey. Your final assignment for Footstep #1 is to respond to Paul’s dispatch entitled ‘Electronic Oasis’. Follow the directions on the Out of Eden (OOE) Learn site and remember to write your reflection to these questions below before adding them to the OOE site. Time will be given in class to work on this activity this week. Copy and paste your reflection in the comment section by Sunday. All comments will moderated and approved Sunday night at 9:00pm, Feb. 15th.
What caught your attention or interested you about Paul’s article? What questions or wonders do you now have?  
Here is a short video this gives you a picture of what Ethiopia looks like:

Making Bookmarks!

6 Feb

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Make a book mark during lunch today. Next week is Book Week! Vote on the poll question.


“Sole Brothers” – Out of Eden Learn

1 Feb
This week we launched our first “footstep” for the Out of Eden Learn Project (Project Zero @ Harvard University). Students watched two videos to learn more about Paul Salopek’s journey following the path of human migration. They learned about ‘slow journalism’ and his reasons for taking this trip. Paul began his journey in January 2013 in Ethiopia (see the map).  He is currently in Tbilisi, Georgia for the winter. Our first ‘footstep’ is a practice one and asked you to engage in Paul’s journey and to respond to these questions:
1) What caught your attention or interested you about Paul’s article (Sole Brothers)?
2) What questions or wonders do you now have (about this article or Paul’s journey)?
Copy and paste your answers to these questions from your Out of Eden Learn Document into a comment box and share your answers. Also, reflect on the beginning of Paul’s story:
“Footwear is a hallmark of modern identity. How best to glimpse an individual’s core values at the start of the 21st century? Look down at their feet—not into their eyes.”
3) What can you learn about someone, or their values from their footwear? (see photos of grade 6 footwear)?
Image credit: Photograph by John Stanmeyer-VII (Out of Eden Walk blog).

Image credit: Photograph by John Stanmeyer-VII (Out of Eden Walk blog).

Ethiopia, the starting place of Paul's journey.

Ethiopia, the starting place of Paul’s journey.

Paul is currently in the country of Georgia.

Paul is currently in the country of Georgia.





Poll Question: Spirit Week

25 Jan

Vote Now!  If you could create a new spirit day for next year, what would it be? Please comment.

Poll Question: Traits of a Good Friend

4 Nov

In advisory/Flex classes, many of you have taken ‘friendship’ quiz. Answer the poll question below. If you vote ‘other,’ please comment and add other traits of a good friend.


Poll: Vacation or Staycation?

17 Oct

Have a nice vacation. We’ll see you on Monday, October 27th (Day # 4: F-G-H-E Day). Comment and tell us what your plans are for the vacation. Read a book!


Vote Now: Week Without Walls

2 Mar
Vote on your favorite activity from our Grade 6 Week Without Walls/Yelegiri trip. Comment and tell us what activity you enjoyed and why you liked it. 

Which mummy is Hatshepsut?

18 Feb


Comment and tell us why you voted for a particular mummy. 

M.S. Spirit Week Poll Question

21 Jan

Vote Now! Favorite Genre

22 Nov
Vote now! You have one week to vote. There are many types of genres. If your favorite is not listed, you can write a comment.

The Ice Man Murder Mystery – Vote now!

25 Sep
We have been studying hunters and gatherers, and we have learned about Otzi, the Ice Man and the mystery behind his death.  Archaeologists, along with scientists, have four theories about how Otzi died. Read the four theories sent to you as  a Google Document.  Read and discuss the theories in your group and vote here.   Also, you must add a comment and write why you chose one of the theories.  Give details and explain why you voted for your theory.  You have also watched the Otzi Murder Mystery documentary. Think about what you have learned, before writing your comment.  When adding a comment, only write your first name and add your email address.
Sentence starter:  In my opinion, I think Otzi……(state which theory you think it was and support your opinion with 2-3 supporting details).  Convince me why you think YOU are right!
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