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India Unit Test

19 Jan


Please find the study guide HERE. Your test will be on Wednesday, January  27 (B/D) and Thursday, January 28 (G/H). 

Mesopotamia Test

9 Dec
Test-TakingYour unit test for chapters 3 (lesson 1, 2, 3) and 4 (lessons 1) will be on:
Monday (Dec. 15th) Block H (Hall), G (Martin) or Tuesday (Dec. 16th) Block B (Hall), D (Martin)
The study guide is on our Moodle page. Please review this document carefully! How can you prepare for the test
  • Review the above-mentioned chapters and lessons in your textbook – re-read them! Pay attention to the lesson objectives, main ideas, and the lesson summary.
  • Review vocabulary and notes on our Moodle page and in your notebook.
  • Use the blog (links and videos), especially the Classzone Review site to practice and review.
  • Find a study-buddy, someone who will help you, not distract you!
Here is a playlist featuring videos about Mesopotamia. You might find some of these videos or documentaries helpful when reviewing what you have learned.

India Chapter Test!

20 Mar
serial-test-takeStudents,  You will have a test on ancient India (Chapter 7: lessons 1 – 4) on Friday, March 28th. With one week to prepare, you can review your material a number of ways:
1) Notes on Moodle, 2) videos and links on the class blog, 3) Classzone Review (Flipcards, practice quiz, etc.), 4) your notes from your notebook, and 5) Re-read chapter 7. Use your time wisely and prepare ahead of time. We will complete the chapter by Tuesday and review on Wednesday. There will be four parts on this test: 14 multiple-choice, 2 short answer, 5 map questions, and an essay (see questions below).
Essay Question – Here are two questions you can prepare for…ONE of them will be on the test:
1) Compare and contrast Hinduism and Buddhism and explain how they have influenced the world outside India today.
2) Compare and contrast the Maurya and Gupta empires, and describe how each empire shaped ancient India.

Egypt Chapter Test

13 Feb

alertThis is a reminder that you will have a test on Chapter 5, Lessons 1 – 4 (Ancient Egypt) on Thursday, February 20th. Please re-read the lessons, review your notes, use Classzone Review, our class blog, and please look at the PDF notes  for each lesson on our Moodle page. The test will feature multiple choice questions, short answer, a map skills activity, and a reading passage with a question. We will review next week, but this blog post is a reminder to you to not wait until next week to begin reviewing what you have learned.

Upcoming Quizzes (Chapter 1)

3 Sep
There will be two short quizzes on our final lessons from chapter 1. Due to MAP Testing next week, we will not have a lengthier chapter test; instead, we will finish the last two lessons and have quizzes.
Thursday, September 5: Chapter 1, lesson 3 – How Archaeologists Study the Past
Tuesday, September 10: Chapter 1, Lesson 4 – How Historians Study the Past
Review all key terms and names (vocabulary), re-read the lesson, and review your notes.  Notes are posted on Moodle in the folder for Chapter 1.  We will also review this material in class.  Finally, look at Classzone and review material there (lesson review notes and the flipcards).  

Quiz – Chapter 1, lessons 1/2

26 Aug
Students,  You will have your first Social Studies quiz on Wednesday, August 28th.  The quiz will be on chapter 1, lessons 1 and 2.  You should re-read both lessons, study your notes, and review these terms: pangaea, Continental Drift Theory, geography, continent, landform, climate, vegetation, hemisphere, political map, physical map, thematic map.  The three essential questions in each lesson are very good too. Use the Classzone website (Lesson Review) to prepare for all quizzes and tests this year.  Good luck!
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