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18 Feb


Advisory Identity Tagxedo

25 Oct
Human Jelly King Tagxedo

Human Jelly King Tagxedo

Here are two Tagxedo word clouds we made in advisory for our identity unit. The one above shows different words that describe students in my advisory class. The one below is one I created for me. :>)

Mr. Martin's Tagxedo

Mr. Martin’s Tagxedo

Advisory: What is Caring?

5 Dec

What does it mean to care? How does one show caring?


Comment or share other quotes or videos that show the trait of caring.


The Time You Have

18 Oct

This video will show you the importance of making the most out of your free time and your daily routine.  In Advisory, we have worked on our Identity unit and you have recently tracked your time and how you spend each day. At the end of the video, the narrator asked, “What if you had just one more day. What would you do that day?”  Some of you said this video clip, shared with the grade 6 team by Ms. Rebekah, was a bit sad (the man’s tone or voice I guess). What would your ideal or perfect day be like? How would you spend it?   
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