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Otzi’s Clothes

29 Oct

Image source: Courtesy South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, http://www.iceman.it

I just saw this article on Twitter via the website Archaeology.org. A new study has concluded that the wardrobe of the 5,300-year-old ice mummy known as Ötzi was assembled from five different animal species. To find out what animals were used to make Otzi’s clothes, click HERE to read the short article. It’s amazing how new scientific techniques continue to answer questions about Otzi. 

Ice Man Murder Mystery (PBS NOVA)

16 Aug

Several students asked me to share the documentary made by PBS Nova (Ice Man Murder Mystery). How did Otzi, the Ice Man die? What did scientists and doctors learn about his life from studying his body? What can we learn about the lives of hunter-gatherers from the artifacts they found with his body? Here is a LINK to the museum where Otzi ‘lives’ in Italy. Here is a link the the PBS/Nova website where you can find a transcript to the documentary. Watch this playlist and documentary to see what happened (optional). If you do watch it, post a comment and share something interesting you learned

Sentence stems:

Something interesting I learned from the documentary is…

I used to think Otzi was…..Now I think….

One question/wondering I still have is…



Otzi, the Iceman (NOVA Video)

10 Sep

Many students have asked me to share the Otzi documentary we watched in class. Here is the playlist. The documentary is the third video. If you find Otzi, hunter-gatherer, early farming, or other related early human websites or videos, please share the link with me. I am always looking for new resources. Thanks!

The Ice Man Murder Mystery Poll: Vote Now

24 Aug

Otzi, the Ice Man

24 Sep
Image source: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Italy

Image source: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Italy

Why is Otzi’s discovery so important to archaeology and the world?

You can learn more about Otzi and the artifacts they found with his body by viewing the link of the museum where he now resides:

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Italy


Europe’s Oldest Natural Mummy Has Living Relatives

16 Oct
NEW STORY ABOUT OTZI:  Last week, researchers announced that they have located at least 19 living descendants of a prehistoric iceman discovered along the Italy-Austria border in 1991. Known as Ötzi the Iceman, he is believed to have lived roughly 5,300 years ago before meeting a violent death. The news of Ötzi’s numerous living descendants is just the latest in a long series of discoveries scientists have made regarding the mummy. I think it’s pretty cool that we are still learning more about Otzi, after he was discovered over 20 years ago. Amazing!

Iceman Song & Project

30 Sep

As we finish up our lesson on the Iceman and hunters and gatherers, I will post a funny video of a song I found on Youtube last night.  Remember that your Otzi/Early Humans mini-project is due tomorrow and that you should be prepared to share it in class.  I will give you some poster paper, and you can attach your printed documents. You can print documents in the library before class if you need to.  We will begin lesson 2 on early farmers tomorrow.

Iceman Murder Mystery (PBS)

27 Sep
Program Description: He’s been dead for more than 5,000 years and poked, prodded, and probed by scientists for the last 20. Yet Ötzi the Iceman, the famous mummified corpse pulled from a glacier in the Italian Alps, continues to keep many secrets. Now, through an autopsy like none other, scientists will attempt to unravel mysteries about this ancient mummy, revealing not only the details of Ötzi’s death but also an entire way of life. How did people live during Ötzi’s time, the Copper Age? What did they eat? What diseases did they cope with? Join NOVA as we defrost the ultimate time capsule—the 5,000-year-old man.  
Many of you wanted to watch the end of this TV program. For your viewing pleasure, as you work on your hunter-gatherer/Ice Man mini-project, I have posted the program for you to watch.  I think this program was fascinating.  Did the program end the way your expected? Is there anything else you learned about the Iceman?  Please comment.


The Ice Man Murder Mystery – Vote now!

25 Sep
We have been studying hunters and gatherers, and we have learned about Otzi, the Ice Man and the mystery behind his death.  Archaeologists, along with scientists, have four theories about how Otzi died. Read the four theories sent to you as  a Google Document.  Read and discuss the theories in your group and vote here.   Also, you must add a comment and write why you chose one of the theories.  Give details and explain why you voted for your theory.  You have also watched the Otzi Murder Mystery documentary. Think about what you have learned, before writing your comment.  When adding a comment, only write your first name and add your email address.
Sentence starter:  In my opinion, I think Otzi……(state which theory you think it was and support your opinion with 2-3 supporting details).  Convince me why you think YOU are right!

Otzi, the Ice Man

16 Sep
In class today, we learned about Otzi, the Ice Man, who was discovered by hikers in the Alps in 1991.  Artifacts that were discovered with his body are amazing, and they have helped historians learn more about the life of early humans.  Click HERE to look at photos of some of these artifacts and click HERE to see a slideshow about this amazing discovery.  Otzi is at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Italy. You can find more information using the links at the museum. Here are some other articles:
The Ice Man Mummy: Finally Face to Face
Ice Man Mummy Finds his Closest Relatives
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