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Writing Tips from Marshfield Dreams Author

4 Oct
In our Language Arts class, we have been working on writing our memoir and hearing read ‘alouds’ from various memoirs, including Marshfield Dreams by Ralph Fletcher. Author Ralph Fletcher has a nice website and it includes some helpful links for young writers. Check out this page on writing tips and a Q & A (question and answer) page with for the author, as well as a list of other books by him. If you have enjoyed Marshfield Dreams, you can find it in the library along with other books by him. Please continue to work on your memoir with the aim of finishing your first draft by next class.  Have a nice weekend!


21 Sep

Here is a video playlist which nicely describes memoirs.

What is a Memoir?

4 Oct

This week you learned what a memoir is, and you began to brainstorm ideas (best times, worst times, first times, last times) before narrowing your choice to one topic.  Next week, you will continue working on your first draft, adding details and dialogue.  Watch this short video for a quick review of a memoir.
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