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Tour the World (Music Video)

24 Mar

Greetings! I hope you are enjoying your spring break. Whether you are here in Chennai or traveling, travel safely. I found this video today when looking for resources and fun stuff for you. Check it out!

Egypt Fun Stuff – Songs, Horrible Histories, and Crash Course with John Green

19 Feb

Turn history into pop song satires with History Teachers, Horrible Histories, and enjoy Crash Course with John Green.

Chinese Dyansties Parody

5 May

I forgot to add a funny video from the Youtube channel “History Teachers.” There are many songs for our next unit on ancient Greece. Enjoy!

Just for fun – Funny School Closing Announcements

14 Feb

A giant winter storm is unleashing a second wave of heavy snowfall on the US north-east, as hundreds of thousands of people remain without power in the states in its southern wake.  I talked with my family this morning and they are getting LOTS of snow. Occasionally, schools are closed when this happens. Watch these two funny videos which are popular on social media now. Maybe our principals can make a video like this, if we ever have a ‘monsoon day.’ Ha!  Have a nice weekend.    Mr. Martin

Civilization Rap

4 Dec

I just discovered this civilization epic rap by Dan Bull. Cool!

Iceman Song & Project

30 Sep

As we finish up our lesson on the Iceman and hunters and gatherers, I will post a funny video of a song I found on Youtube last night.  Remember that your Otzi/Early Humans mini-project is due tomorrow and that you should be prepared to share it in class.  I will give you some poster paper, and you can attach your printed documents. You can print documents in the library before class if you need to.  We will begin lesson 2 on early farmers tomorrow.
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