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The purpose of this page is to share my favorite education-related articles for teachers. Enjoy!

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Image source: Sylvia Duckworth ‏@sylviaduckworth (Twitter)

8 Characteristics of a Great Teacher (TeachThought)

What is your Educational Philosophy (Edutopia)

Mistakes were Made (Harvard Ed Magazine)

Non-Academic Skills are the Key to Success (NPR)

The Seven Questions Your Middle School Students Ask You First (MiddleWeb)

How to Thrive in the 21st Century (Usable Knowledge, HGSE)

Creating a Classroom Culture of Laughter (Edutopia)

Positive Words Go a Long Way (Edutopia)


22 Powerful Closure activities (Edutopia)

10 Tips for Launching an Inquiry-Based Classroom (Mindshift)

The 8 Minutes that Matter Most (Edutopia)

Small Changes in Teaching: The Last Five Minutes of Class (Chronicle of Higher Ed)

6 Opening and Closing Routines (Edutopia)

3 End-of-Year Reflection Strategies for Students (Edutopia)

The Big List of Classroom Discussion Strategies (Cult of Pedagogy)

5-Minute Writing Conferences (Edutopia)


Inquiry-Based Learning: The Power of Asking the Right Questions (Edutopia)

100 Questions That Help Students Think About Thinking (TeachThought)

Generating Effective Questions (Edutopia)

What the Heck Is Inquiry-Based Learning? (Edutopia)

Why Inquiry Learning is Worth the Trouble (Mindshift)


Exit Tickets: Checking for Understanding (Edutopia)


Growth Mindset: Clearing up Some Common Confusions (MindShift)

Teaching Good Study Habits, Minute by Minute (Edutopia)


Student-Led Conferences: Resources for Educators (Edutopia)


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