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From Hunters-Gatherers to Early Farmers

29 Nov

This playlist features videos that show the gradual change from migration to our earliest villages and the development of agriculture. Our current question that we are focusing on is: Was the development of agriculture good for humans? Explain. I hope you find these videos helpful. If you find other helpful resources, please share them with me, and I will add them to our class site.

Class Connection: Choking Haze in SE Asia

3 Oct
Image source: NASA

Image source: NASA

A satellite image released this week by NASA shows the extent of haze currently blanketing much of Southeast Asia. The photo captures plumes of smoke emerging from fires burning in the peatlands of Sumatra and Indonesian Borneo. The smoke blows west into what looks like thick clouds over both islands as well as neighboring Singapore and Malaysia. Choking haze is causing widespread hospitalizations, interfering with transportation, and inflaming political tensions between Indonesia and Singapore.

In class we learned about the slash and burn agriculture. Read this story to see about the modern-day effects on this type of farming in countries that are close to where we live.  Here are 5 Things to Know About the Haze.

Agricultural Revolution & Early Farming

1 Sep

In our early human unit, you learned about the agricultural revolution, the name given to the shift or move from food gathering to food raising/growing. Early humans learned how to domesticate plants for food and animals that gave them food and clothing. People made harpoons, needles, and other tools from animal bones. New tools and methods of farming led to the invention of new tools like hoes to loosen soil, sticks to dig holes, and sickles to harvest grain. New communities and villages developed near fresh water sources, like rivers, where people built irrigation canals to move water from rivers to fields.

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Learning to Farm and Raise Animals

28 Aug

This playlist features some videos that go along nicely with what you are reading in chapter 2, lesson 2 (pages 58 – 62). How did farming change the way people lived? What farming techniques were part of the agricultural revolution?

Learning to Farm

12 Oct

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This is  a video playlist gives an overview of what we are learning in Chapter 2, Lesson 2 – Learning to Farm and Raise Animals. Think about: How did agriculture change the way people lived together? What are the major crops grown in your country? Write your country and list the major crops.



What is Irrigation?

3 Oct

Here are two videos on the history of irrigation in the Middle East region. They will help you to understand what this term means and how it changed farming.

The Agricultural Revolution

3 Oct

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These are good video clips which give an overview of what we are learning in Chapter 2, Lesson 2 – Learning to Farm and Raise Animals. Comment and tell me something interesting you learned in the videos.  Think about: How did agriculture change the way people lived together?  What is a negative aspect of slash and burn agriculture (there are many videos on Youtube on this topic).
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