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Have a Great Summer

31 May




Have a great summer. We will miss you and wish you the best of luck in 7th grade. Comment and tell us what you will miss about 6th grade and what you are excited about doing this summer. 

Have a great summer!

4 Jun

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31 May

DSCN6561 DSCN6564

Departing students. We'll miss you!

Departing students. We’ll miss you!

One more week!

One more week!

Some photos from Friday’s assembly. One more week to go! What was the highlight from your 6th grade experience? What will you do this summer? Enjoy your last week with your teachers and friends.

Summer Post Card Challenge, Free Rice, Word Games and More!

30 May

Three fun links or ideas for the summer:

1) Vocabulary Review: Free Rice – A vocabulary website that for every right answer donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to end hunger.

2) Word Games: Play some fun word games – many, many links!

3) Linking to Thinking’s Cool Links – recently updated with links for awesome books and more! Our book review blogs are available to find books and to share reading – 24/7. Use them…even next year.

Finally, the post card challenge! Send your teacher(s) a post card from your country or your travels and tell us about a book you are reading (title, author, I like this book because….). Keep it short, it’s just for fun! We’ll email you our school address!

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