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How Archaeologists Study the Past + Tech Reminders

18 Aug

In addition to learning about tools historians use, we have learned the following terms: archaeologist, anthropologist, artifact, and fossil (chapter 1, lesson 3). A few reminders: Please bring your computer to each class and leave your notebook in our classroom, unless you have homework. All students should be following the blog and know how to post a comment. Students should also know how to access our Google homework calendar from Moodle. Here are two screencasts I have created this week to review these things:

Linking to Thinking Introduction

Where can I find my homework?

Blogging in Humanities

23 Sep

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Mrs. Hall’s students joined forces with Mr. Martin’s class today to learn more about the Grade 6 Humanities Blog (formerly Mr. Martin’s Humanities Page) and how we can use it as a resource in our class.  We discussed the purpose of the blog, how to follow the blog, how to post a comment and what is a good comment.  There are many ways we can use the blog, and sharing ideas and opinions is just a start.  Expectations for how we use it will grow over the course of the year.  Click HERE to learn more about how to post a blog comment and what an appropriate comment looks like.  AISC parents have kindly helped me to translate it into Korean, Japanese, and French, which represent three of our largest groups of students and English language learners.  Click on the Google Doc link from this link, if you want to read it in one of these languages.  
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