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Vox Atlas: China’s Belt and Road Initiative

27 Nov

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is the most ambitious infrastructure project in modern history. It spans over 60 countries and will cost over a trillion dollars. The plan is to make it easier for the world to trade with China, by funding roads, railways, pipelines, and other infrastructure projects in Asia and Africa. China is loaning trillions of dollars to any country that’s willing to participate and it’s been a big hit with the less democratic countries in the region. This makes the BRI a risky plan as well. But China is pushing forward because its goals are not strictly economic, they’re also geopolitical. This video is a fascinating one and a nice connection to lessons related to trade and globalization.

This week in Social Studies…

30 Mar

This week we completed our “Meeting our Needs” unit where we learned about how empires in the ancient world traded surpluses to get goods, resources, or products that were scarce in their civilization. We used the Silk Road as a case study and drew connections to trade, tariffs, and globalization in today’s world. If you have been watching or paying attention to the news lately, these are really hot topics. They are always important topics to nations around the world. We end our unit with a reflection on what we have learned (I used to think, now I think…) and a fun scavenger hunt to see how many items we could find in our own homes that were produced in other countries. My hope is that you learned that not everything is ‘Made in China.” I also hope you might take a quick look at the labels on things you purchase in the future.  Have a great week, and get ready for Out of Eden #3, Learning from other Generations.  

Why does the Silk Road Matter Today – Watch this video!

Paraphrase Protocol:



International Sam!



Varnika and Ahmet model the Paraphrase Protocol (What is Snapchat?)

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.58.26 PM

Your task: Find as many products or goods in your house that were produced in other countries. Which class can find the most countries?


B block – 28 countries


D block – 40 Countries


F block – 67 countries – WOW!


H Block – 55 Countries


Counting the countries


F block found the most countries and generated the longest list of countries where things were produced. Not everything is ‘Made in China’ as some of you might think. :>)

E-portfolio:Blogger Activity

Final reflection for our unit (Meeting our Needs), a Visible Thinking Routine. Students will write this in their e-portfolio. 

Globalization – What is it?

14 Mar

What is globalization? Is the Silk Road an example of globalization? 

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