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Friday Quotes & Round-Up

11 Mar

Great quotes

See Think Wonder

See – Think – Wonder


Mr. M got his cast off on Thursday, March 10. Three more weeks in the “moon” boot.



Nice work from Madhulka on Do Now #15


It has been a great week of learning. Students finished presenting their projects on Chinese philosophies, we learned about China’s first major emperor Shi Huang Di and the Qin dynasty, and we used Zaption for the first time. Expect to see more Zaption activities this year, as we think it’s a useful tool to introduce and review topics we are learning, as well as to develop listening comprehension skills. Students continued to develop thinking routines through ‘See, Think, and Wonder’ activities (Shi Huang Di’s ‘silent army,’ the Terracotta Warriors). Finally, students began learning journey #2 for Out of Eden Learn. Have a great weekend! 

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