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Asking Follow-Up Questions

12 May

As we prepare to do interviews for our next Out of Eden Learn footstep (Learning from Past Generations), we will talk more about the importance of asking follow up questions. Here are some helpful videos that tells you more about these questions.

Geography and Scarcity in Mesopotamia and Egypt

22 Aug

This video playlist features short videos on the geography of Mesopotamia and Egypt. In class you will be conducting research to answer the question: How did geography and scarcity influence the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt? After watching a video, share something you learned.


Do the Olympics Unite People?

31 May

ArjanJeongwonJohnnyLekhanaCharlotteImogenMadhulikaYoung inComputerHannahLekhana2Sangmin and CyrilTaehee

A few photos from the last two days showing students giving a speech, reading an essay, or showing a presentation where they answer the question: Do the Olympics unite people? 

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