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Out of Eden – Documenting the Everyday

31 May

For our last activity of the school year in 6th grade Social Studies, we returned to Out of Eden Learn and to Learning Journey #1 (Documenting the Everyday). Here are the directions below and a few examples of videos made. More products will be added soon:

There are aspects of our everyday life that might be very interesting to other people but which might seem very “normal” to us. There may also be parts of our everyday lives that we usually don’t find time to notice. This is your chance to notice some new things and to share your observations with other people. Choose to focus on one of the following:

PLACE: Document everyday life in a place that you know.

PROCESS: Document how people in your community do something as part of their everyday lives. For example, you could focus on how a type of food or drink is prepared, how an object is made or repaired, or how someone goes about another kind of daily task or activity.

Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen – Hatshepsut

25 Mar

Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen (Discovery Channel) was one of the most popular (if not most!) documentaries or videos we showed last year. We are adding it here to the class blog, so you can watch it if you are interested. While it’s optional, we think it’s really good; you will enjoy it if you like mysteries or detective-like programs.



Ancient China Documentaries

30 Apr

These two documentaries are really excellent and give a nice overview of what we have learned in this unit. They will, of course, also feature new information as well. Enjoy!

Overpopulated (BBC Documentary)

29 Apr


Mr. Phan shared this with us. He said a parent shared it with him.  Our current and last unit, China and India, are the two most populous countries in the world today. We have discussed migration a lot this year as well. This is a very interesting documentary. Watch it when you have time and share your opinion of it in the comment section.


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