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M.S. Party – Goodbyes – Birthdays – Ayyanar Horse

26 May

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Here are a few photos of 6th graders from the final MS social event, the end of the year party. Make sure you thank Mrs. Hall, Ms. Jaya, and Ms. Lakshmi for organizing all of the events this year. Along with the various chaperones, they have worked hard.
This is a difficult time of year, a time when we say goodbye to friends returning to their country for good or moving to a new country and starting a new adventure. The following students will be leaving AISC this year: Emma, Rika, Jason, Yeon Su, Arya, Mara, Loren, SooIn, Rintaro, Ramu, and Nolan (are we missing anyone?). Please take some time this week and say goodbye and exchange email addresses.  Here are students celebrating birthdays this summer:
June – Aravind (6/2), Mara (6/17), Rintaro (6/25)
July – Seo Young (7/4), Taiga (7/6), Aniketh (7/7),  Mr. Seth (7/11), Alessio (7/13), Natsumi (7/15), Leander (7/19), Margot (7/21), Jason (7/25), Mrs. Hall (7/28)
Finally, check out Karthik and Ramu’s great video and interview with the artists creating the great Ayyanar horses at AISC. I am also including a video in this playlist from our ES tech integrator, Ms. Priya. Both are fantastic!

Ayyanar Horse Project – Photos

19 Feb

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Please check out Mr. Doherty’s blog with updates and more photos of the project.  We hope you have enjoyed ‘India Week.’

Ayyanar Horse Project

12 Feb
Photo from Ed Doherty's Blog

Photo from Ed Doherty’s Blog

“The Ayyanar horse is a symbol of strength and protection and can be found prominently flanking the entrances of local temples and villages throughout Tamil Nadu.” – Ed Doherty, H.S. Art Teacher at AISC.
Students, please follow the this great project that the AISC Art Department is currently doing on campus. Click on Mr. Doherty’s blog to read more!  We have learned about pharaohs and the amazing monuments that they had built during their reigns to show their immortality and legacy. Watch this video on the Terra Cotta Warriors in ancient China. It reminded me a bit about Ayyanar horses and the idea of power and symbolism.
A good question to consider: What is the symbolism of the horse and it’s cultural meaning across time and civilizations?






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