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Last Week of School! Have a Great Summer! Goodbye AISC!

13 Jun
B Block

B block 

D block

D block 

F block

F Block 

H block

H Block

End of the year class photos from Social Studies!

Photos from our last week of school: Reflecting on our learning, sharing work from our final project and our last Out of Eden Learn footstep, and saying goodbye.

Doyeon’s Out of Eden product was featured on Out of Eden Learn’s social media channels this week. Congratulations!


It has been a memorable year! Stay in touch with me! Good luck next year in 7th grade! You can reach me at my new school address in Lusaka, Zambia: rmartin@aislusaka.org

Closed for the Summer!

2 Jun

Last day 6

Dear Class of 2023!

It has been an honor to teach you. Have a great summer and stay in touch. We will miss you! 



Final Reflections on 2016-2017

2 Jun

Goodbye Party

9 Mar

Goodbye and good luck to Moeno, Tomoki, and Mayu. It was a pleasure to teach you. Please stay in touch with your friends at AISC!

Bye! Bye! Have a Nice Summer!

3 Jun
G6 team

Bye, Bye from the Grade 6 Team

Keep calm

LAST Day! Are you ready to KAHOOT?

1 Jun
B block

B block class – I will miss you all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.04.11 AM

Lekhana storms into the lead and wins at the end. Good job, everyone!


Ted moves into the lead, but eventually fades to 4th place!

D block

D Block students – we’ll miss you!


Hmmm….what’s the answer?


“I can’t believe I got that wrong!” said Gregor.

H block

Best of luck next year, H Block!

G block

Goodbye G Block! We’ll miss you.


Goodbye from the Humanities team (L.A. and S.S.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.49.42 AM

Have a great summer! Stay in touch!

Best of luck to our sixth graders! 

Last Week of 6th Grade

30 May



We have arrived to our FINAL week of the school year. I want to thank you for your hard work, positive attitude and for making this a special year for us. We will miss you next year, especially those students who are leaving AISC. The following students will be returning to their country or going to another country for school next year: Chanmin, Changik, ChanWoo, Charlotte, Cyril, Jihyeon, Romane, Seohyeon, Yeobin, and Youhei. 

Make sure you exchange new email addresses and stay in touch with your friends. Goodbye is not forever, especially in the age of technology where we can easily keep in touch. Post a comment to wish someone well, tell us your summer vacation plans, and/or to mention something you will miss about social studies. It has been a true pleasure to teach you. Have a great summer!

Mr. Martin and Ms. Jaya

Goodbye & Good Luck!

16 Mar



Goodbye and good luck!

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Goodbye Aisyah!

24 Apr

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WWOW Video, Goodbye, and V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

27 Mar


Goodbye Tsukiho, Yuki, and Hidetaka! (Photo by Rob Martin)

Goodbye Tsukiho, Yuki, and Hidetaka! (Photo by Rob Martin)

Comment and say goodbye to our classmates leaving, tell us where you are going for vacation, and check out this great WWOW video by Mr. Gregg. 

Goodbye and Good luck, Yuki K.

17 Mar

IMG_0620 IMG_0627

We Made It! Congratulations!

27 May

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Grade 6 Humanities Students,

It has been a fantastic year! We thank you for your hard work and positive attitude. We will miss you next year. Have a wonderful, restful summer! Enjoy your final three days.

Mr. Martin, Mrs. Hall, Ms. Jaya, and Mr. Seth

M.S. Party – Goodbyes – Birthdays – Ayyanar Horse

26 May

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Here are a few photos of 6th graders from the final MS social event, the end of the year party. Make sure you thank Mrs. Hall, Ms. Jaya, and Ms. Lakshmi for organizing all of the events this year. Along with the various chaperones, they have worked hard.
This is a difficult time of year, a time when we say goodbye to friends returning to their country for good or moving to a new country and starting a new adventure. The following students will be leaving AISC this year: Emma, Rika, Jason, Yeon Su, Arya, Mara, Loren, SooIn, Rintaro, Ramu, and Nolan (are we missing anyone?). Please take some time this week and say goodbye and exchange email addresses.  Here are students celebrating birthdays this summer:
June – Aravind (6/2), Mara (6/17), Rintaro (6/25)
July – Seo Young (7/4), Taiga (7/6), Aniketh (7/7),  Mr. Seth (7/11), Alessio (7/13), Natsumi (7/15), Leander (7/19), Margot (7/21), Jason (7/25), Mrs. Hall (7/28)
Finally, check out Karthik and Ramu’s great video and interview with the artists creating the great Ayyanar horses at AISC. I am also including a video in this playlist from our ES tech integrator, Ms. Priya. Both are fantastic!


20 Mar

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The Grade 6 Humanities team would like to welcome a new student to AISC, Nicole.  Please help her out and show her around. We are sad to say goodbye to four students who are leaving either tomorrow or next week  – Nagisa, Nao, Hayato, and Ayumu – who will all return to Japan.  Take some time and post a comment welcoming Nicole and saying goodbye and good luck to our four Japanese students.  Best of luck guys! Keep in touch with your friends at AISC!

Hello/Goodbye – January

22 Jan

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Grade 6 will soon be say goodbye to two awesome students, Enzo and Jina whose last day will be on Friday. Enzo is returning to Australia after three years at AISC and Jina is returning to S. Korea, after four years here.  Both students are kind, hard-working, and positive.  We will miss you, Enzo and Jina!
In other class news, Mr. Seth Hills, a M.S. Intern at AISC, is joining Mr. Martin and Ms. Jaya for the second semester.  Mr. Seth is from Washington State in the U.S.A. and has been an intern in Grade 8 and Grade 7 Humanities last year and this year, respectively.  If you have a question for Mr. Seth, please feel free to post a question and ask him.
Dear Jina, (울 진아씨께)
네가 우리 학교 떠난다니 아쉽다 ㅠ.. You were so kind and had been a helpful friend to me. 어떨 땐 엉뚱함으로 웃음을 자아내기도 했지^^  Jina, you did more to me than I did to you, so I’m very unhappy to send you away to Korea. I believe you will be a perfect student who works really hard and always get 100% on your middle and final exams. 나한테 너무나도 소중한 친구였고, 항상 나한테 잘해줘서 고마워. I’ll never forget you. Good luck in Korea, and farewell! 적응 잘 할끼야! 잘 가그라~
Your friend,  SeoYoung//서영이가
Dear Enzo,
I’m going to miss you so much! It’s just like Irman, you know. It’s as if a part of my soul will be taken with you. I haven’t known you as much as some of your other friends, but you’ve been a great friend for me all the way. Hope you’ll stay in touch!
Your friend,    Prahalad
 Post a comment and make sure you exchange contact information with Enzo and Jina.   
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