Ancient China Documentaries

30 Apr

These two documentaries are really excellent and give a nice overview of what we have learned in this unit. They will, of course, also feature new information as well. Enjoy!

One Response to “Ancient China Documentaries”

  1. Pranav May 4, 2014 at 4:31 am #

    In the documentary I learnt many things like that Shi Huangdi had his tomb ransacked by an angry mob before we found it. All the clay soldiers were smacked and broken up into pieces. Then In the Han dynasty I saw that the fifth ruler had sent his faithful servant on a journey to find peace between the countries. Then the servant got locked by bandits. But 10 years later the servant had come back to the empire and showed the king a map of the present known Silk Roads. Then I learnt that many people died during the process of building it.


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