Advisory Flex Time Activity

25 Sep
My walking club
One of our staff members at AISL knocked sausage tree fruit off the tree
Sausage Tree Fruit

Our Flex time on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a new addition to our Advisory program at the American International School of Lusaka (AISL) this year. We have developed Flex time within our Advisory program to give our students more choices and leadership opportunities. We kicked this off with the first 3 week options being developed from student suggestions. Next session we hope to see lots of our students proposing and leading opportunities for their peers. Modeled on National Geographic writer Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk, slow journalism, and “slow looking.” Learn more about the sausage tree from this video by Discovery UK. From the San Diego Zoo: “With its peculiar, sausage-shaped fruit and blood-red, tulip-shaped flowers, the sausage tree Kigelia africana (also Kigelia pinnata) is a striking standout” in Africa.

The Sausage Tree | Africa’s Trees Of Life (source: Discovery UK)

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