Ancient Egypt Videos – Best of the Best

18 May

Here is a selection of video documentaries we made for our Egypt project. There were many excellent ones, and I believe we all developed new skills in developing an inquiry or question to research, learning how to stay organized when doing research, writing a script or storyboard, and making a video. The videos in this playlist were among the best ones I watched. Good work everyone!

2 Responses to “Ancient Egypt Videos – Best of the Best”

  1. Bruce May 20, 2016 at 12:14 pm #

    Good Arjan

    It was a good project, full of interesting facts. However, I disagree with your fact, stating that after the Ramses the second, the 19th kingdom (The New Kingdom) became weak because of the stupid rulers because, the most important part of the decline was the raiders and the economic deficit which struck Egypt, after the fall of Hittites


  2. Sangmin Han May 20, 2016 at 12:21 pm #

    I watched (Bruce Wayne) Youngin’s video.

    Hey Youngin! Great work.
    You strongly think ancient Egyptians army were strong!
    I like your strong opinion.
    I could hear your voice really well, your pictures helped me understand more of what you are saying, and I think everything is pretty good.
    But I have one wondering about your video.
    In the beginning of your video, you mentioned ancient Egyptians had a small army.
    Then when we look at history, usually country who had more army won the war.
    I think it will be better how did Ancient Egyptian army overcome numbers of army.
    I can know that they had good long range weapons. But how could they win that much wars with small army? Another question I have is, if ancient Egyptians won lots of wars, why do they have small land now?

    Thank you.


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