Middle School Theatre

23 Jan

MS Theatre production banner-01

The Middle School Theatre Department invites you to attend a unique theatrical event, “A History of the Universe in 77 minutes”. It’s a play that covers the whole of history, from the big bang right up to the present.  As the narrative unfolds, the play takes the audience on a thrilling roller coaster ride through some of the most memorable moments in our past, with some serious themes wrapped up in a whole lot of comedy. 

Tickets for the play are only 250 rupees and can be bought before and after school at the Main Entrance and the Elementary Gate. A donation of the ticket money will go to Chennai Flood Relief projects. Performance Dates and times are 28th of January at 5:00 p.m. and 29th of January at 6:00 p.m. Suitable for all ages, we hope to see you there!

I enjoyed the sneak peek at the assembly, and it looks great. Many of your classmates have been working hard to prepare for it. Please go and support them!

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