Indian Caste System

16 Dec

caste-system-3In lesson 2, you read about the Indian caste system and how it developed. Here are some videos that will teach you more about that system and how it is today in India. Watch one or more of these videos and answer this question: What is the caste system? 


One Response to “Indian Caste System”

  1. Young In Song December 24, 2015 at 7:57 am #

    A caste system is a system which was developed by the invaders from the north to justify their invasion. By gathering intellectuals and giving them a highest caste, they made them to speech about their right to invade India as well as teaching them advanced technology.
    Native Intellectuals tolerated invaders because by the invaders and their wealth, intellectuals got more power.

    Invaders made the politician and warriors to be a second caste because, to make a country, their power and wealth was essential. So, they made them as a second caste.

    Craftsmen and merchants became the third because, they made the country wealth by selling goods and making goods. (Chinese classic says, if the merchants are useful enough to sell goods, the warehouse becomes full and craftsman who deserves his place makes more plow for farmers.

    They made servants as 4th class because, they didn’t really care in old times. This was happened because, they never learned how to read or write.
    So, they didn’t know what the law means or what the caste means. So, until 20th century, they didn’t try to resist from caste.


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