Pilgrim Roads: Out of Eden Journey

19 Nov
“For almost two years, the Out of Eden Walk project, which traces the global spread of early humans, has taken Paul Salopek from Africa’s Great Rift Valley to the Middle East, birthplace of cities and agriculture. On this stretch of his journey, Salopek left the “oceanic vistas of Arabia” to trek the ancient corridor of the Jordan River Valley to Jerusalem and the West Bank, a route long the focus of conquest and conversion.” – Ryan Morris, NGM Staff
Paul Salopek is still walking in Turkey. A few updates on his journey: He has just written an article for National Geographic that will appear in the next issue. This article is about his walk through the Middle East. You can see it HERE. Also, this is a map of his journey there.  Finally, here is a brief video (less than two minutes long) about his experience there.

“Pastures of stone. The Kurdish nomad heartland, near Mt. Karacadag, Turkey.” Image source: Out of Eden Walk – Facebook Page

“A palate of whites. A nomad breakfast—yoghurt, goat cheese, roasted peppers, honey. Mt. Karacadag, Turkey.” (Image source: Facebook Out of Eden Walk page)

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