Textbook Return

23 May


Please return your textbook this week. I will sign your forms saying you have returned the book. Thanks! – Mr. Martin

Asking Follow-Up Questions

12 May

As we prepare to do interviews for our next Out of Eden Learn footstep (Learning from Past Generations), we will talk more about the importance of asking follow up questions. Here are some helpful videos that tells you more about these questions.

Worldometers – a COOL site!

5 May

Screenshot of Worldometers 

Check out this cool website that Sangwoo found while doing research for his project. It features live statistics on all kinds of information. Thanks for sharing Sangwoo!

Why Geography Matters More Than Ever (PBS)

4 May
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.41.28 PM

“Geography matters today more than ever, but only if we are looking at the right things,” writes teacher Chris Heffernan. World map mosaic by Luis Cristino da Silva in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

As students finish their comparing places project which has focused on comparing the physical and cultural (human) geography of two places, I thought I would share this interesting column I just read on the PBS Newshour website. Here is an interesting excerpts and the column itself. 

“Geography matters more now than ever because students need to know human geography. They need to understand the relationships that exist between cultures. They need to see not just the differences in cultures, but the similarities. Students need to know that the kid sitting in a school in Afghanistan today probably doesn’t speak the same language, practice the same religion or live in a home that looks anything like a student in the United States, but they have a lot of things in common. They both love their families, the both want to play and they both want to learn. When we focus on the similarities instead of the differences, it changes the picture.”


Final Projects – Comparing Places

3 May


Students have been working very hard for several weeks now for our comparing places project. Students chose either China or India to compare with a country of their choice. Focusing on the physical and cultural geography and characteristics of their two places, they conducted research, evaluated resources, developed note-taking skills, and learned academic vocabulary and comparative language. They wrote an essay comparing and contrasting their two places, as well as learned how to cite their sources using an MLA format. Their final step is to create a visual product (video, poster, slide show, etc.) demonstrating the highlights of their two places and how they are unique. Final products are due this week. Next week on Monday and Tuesday, students will share their learning. 

May Birthdays, MAP Testing, & Final Project

1 May


Happy birthday to the following students celebrating a birthday this month: Sanjith(11), Victor(22), EJ (26). If I forgot anyone or made an error, please let me know. Have a great day!

MAP Testing ends this week. On Tuesday, you will have your math test and on Wednesday you will have your language test. 

Your final product for the comparing places project is due at the end of the week: Thursday, May 4 (B/D) and Friday, May 5 (F/H). Our next Out of Eden Learn footstep will start next week.

Selecting Powerful Images / Writing Good Captions

21 Apr

In class this week, you have finished your essay where you have compared and contrasted your two places (countries) and you have ensured that you cited your resources (Work Cited/Bibliography) under your essay. This should all be on your note-taking template under your notes. Once this is finished, you are now ready to move to the final stage of your project. It’s time to make a product that visually demonstrates your learning of the physical and cultural characteristics of your two places. You are:

  1. Collecting images and writing citations for your images.

  2. Storing your images in a folder (desktop, Google Drive, or another place of your choice).

  3. Saving the URL for each image you find and adding it to the work cited information.

These two videos are helpful resources as you write citations for your images.

OOEL Footstep #2 Projects

12 Apr

OOEL LJ2 #2 ShivOOEL LJ2 #2 LokeshOOEL LJ2 #2 GyuboOOEL LJ2 #2 GauthamOOEL LJ2 #2 FinnOOEL LJ2 #2 ChaeyoungBTSLoverGoldenFlashOOEL LJ 2 #2 SumanOOEL LJ@ #2 HakinOOEL LJ2 #2 Annie

Here is a roundup of some more of the diagrams from our last Out of Eden Learn project. I will be adding some more examples. I was very impressed with the diagrams and the connections you made between your life and the past. There are several I would like to save to share with future students I teach. If you are wondering when we will begin the next Out of Eden Learn projects, they will start again when we are done with our Comparing Places project. 

China and Renewable Energy

11 Apr

China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, using fossil fuels to drive rapid industrialization. So why is it now investing billions of dollars in green technology? Watch this video to learn more. I saw this video today and thought it was a nice connection to economy and the environment and what is happening in China today. 

Featured in Out of Eden Learn (Instagram)

7 Apr

Out of Eden Learn (Instagram) featured Amy’s diagram from our recent footstep project (Making Connections Between Out Lives and the Past). Great job, Amy! I will add some more examples soon.


The Economy Playlist

3 Apr

This playlist features helpful videos to review some of the concepts we have been learning about in class. Our last area of research for your project is on the economy of your two countries. Continue to use the guiding questions on the shared document (“What is good information?) as you complete your research this week.


April Birthdays

2 Apr


Happy birthday to the following people celebrating birthdays this month: Christian(6), Mr. Martin (22), Axel and Finn (23), and Emi (29). If I forgot anyone, let me know and I will edit this list. Have a great day!

Comparing Places

29 Mar

Here are some videos that compare countries or places.

Night Owl – Food, Bottle, Toiletries Drive

23 Mar

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.12.46 AM

Please remember to bring some items to your advisory class!

Night Owl Ideas

Ideas Brainstormed (Photo by Rob Martin)

BriarHill World Tour Summary

19 Mar

Photo by Rob Martin


I’d like to thank Luca, Christian, Vedha, Emi, Shandaneh, and Clara for participating in the Briar Hill 24 Hour World Tour on Friday, March 10, after school. It was a nice opportunity to learn about a public school in the United States (Texas) and for our students to share information about AISC. Here is a link to the blog for this project: BriarHill23hrWorldTour.

Welcome back – Cartoons

19 Mar
Greek Cartoon

Image source: The New Yorker

HW cartoonWe hope you had a restful vacation and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, a 2F day. On Tuesday, you will post your Out of Eden work for Footstep #2 of Learning Journey #2. 

Miruna’s Poll Question

9 Mar

Send me more poll questions!

Goodbye Party

9 Mar

Goodbye and good luck to Moeno, Tomoki, and Mayu. It was a pleasure to teach you. Please stay in touch with your friends at AISC!


7 Mar

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.47.39 PM.png

An exciting opportunity to available for you on Friday from 3:30pm – 4:00pm if you are interested in coming to my classroom to participate in the Briarhill 24 Hour World Tour. A school in Texas (USA) is doing a 24 hour Skype activity with teachers, students, and professionals around the world. It will be 4:00am their time and 3:30pm our time. A Google Form has been sent you with more information and a request for participation. This is optional, but I would love to have some students answer questions from their students. Please respond to the Google Form by Thursday at 3:30pm. 


How Religion Spread Around the World

5 Mar

Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are five of the biggest religions in the world. Over the last few thousand years, these religious groups have shaped the course of history and had a profound influence on the trajectory of the human race. Through countless conflicts, conquests, missions abroad, and simple word of mouth, these religions spread around the globe and forever molded the huge geographic regions in their paths.


When watching this video, what you see or notice?

What does it make you think about?

What questions or wonderings do you have when you watch this video?  


What story does this video tell you about the spread of religion?

What does it mean for an idea to spread? 

What needs to happen for an idea to spread?

Google Hangout with Paul Salopek

3 Mar

Students –

National Geographic Education hosted a live event last night where teachers and students could ask Paul Salopek questions about his journey. He got quite a few new questions in this interview from Bishkek, where he is spending the winter months. Check it out!

March Birthdays

2 Mar


Happy birthday to the following students celebrating birthdays this month: Luca (3), Mr. Ranson (6), Florian (11), Byunggeon(24), Mayu (28), and Aidan (29). If I forgot anyone, let me know and I will fix it. Have a great day!

Fake News vs. Real News

27 Feb


This Thursday we will have our second Inspiration Conversation of this year on Fake News vs. Real News. We will be meeting on the 2nd Floor of the ES/MS CIC at 3:45 for snacks and refreshments, and we will start the session at 4:15. I hope that you can join us as we explore what makes news fake, what tools do we have to help us determine if something is fake, and what role do we have in stopping the spread of fake news. This is a pressing and important issue in the world today, which plays a role in everyone’s life. This is open to MS and HS students. See you there!



A little humor!

26 Feb



Image source: The New Yorker

Best Dab Poll (Stem Fest)

21 Feb


Dab A Group

Dab A Group

Dab B Group

Dab B Group

Dab C Group

Dab C Group


Dab D Group

Great job at STEM Fest! I loved the projects (Sustainable AISC and Surviving a Flood), and I can see you worked hard and learned a lot. I am not sure who started the dab dance move at Stem Fest, but here are a few photos I took. We need more poll questions. Vote for the best one, and send me some more poll questions to add to our class blog.

stem-3 stem1 stem2