The Long Dry Spell (role play)

24 Aug

“The brutal heat makes it difficult to work. Yet every day you must walk to the river with animal-skin bags to get water for the plants. You repeat the trip hour after hour, until your legs feel like they won’t support you any longer. Your back aches from carrying water and bending over your crops. The plants need every drop of moisture they can get. But the heat of the sun seems to evaporate the water as soon as it hits the ground.” – The Long Dry Spell” (pages 80 – 81).

Geography and Scarcity in Mesopotamia and Egypt

22 Aug

This video playlist features short videos on the geography of Mesopotamia and Egypt. In class you will be conducting research to answer the question: How did geography and scarcity influence the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt? After watching a video, share something you learned.


First Two Weeks

19 Aug

Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin

A few photo from our first two weeks of school – using our new magnetic whiteboards to jigsaw ideas and share learning. “What is a great social studies class?” and learning how to distinguish hunters-gatherers and early famers. 

From Hunters-Gatherers to Early Farmers

17 Aug

This video playlist features videos that support things you have been reading in Chapter 2, lesson 2, including human migration, hunters-gatherers, communication, and the development of early farming practices. 

Ice Man Murder Mystery (PBS NOVA)

16 Aug

Several students asked me to share the documentary made by PBS Nova (Ice Man Murder Mystery). How did Otzi, the Ice Man die? What did scientists and doctors learn about his life from studying his body? What can we learn about the lives of hunter-gatherers from the artifacts they found with his body? Here is a LINK to the museum where Otzi ‘lives’ in Italy. Here is a link the the PBS/Nova website where you can find a transcript to the documentary. Watch this playlist and documentary to see what happened (optional). If you do watch it, post a comment and share something interesting you learned

Sentence stems:

Something interesting I learned from the documentary is…

I used to think Otzi was…..Now I think….

One question/wondering I still have is…



What makes my life easier?

15 Aug

Image source: Morguefile

What inventions do you benefit from today? Think about one you carry with you and one at home that makes your life easier. Add your answers to the comment section.

Our First Week

10 Aug

AGreat Social Studies Class...What is Social Studies?

You will soon learn how to access this blog, make a comment and use our Moodle page. I hope these two sites will help support your learning this year. During our first days together, we talked about what you thought social studies is and what a great (social studies) class looks like. Here are the two anchor charts I created after we collected all of the results. 

Welcome back (2016 – 2017)

5 Aug

Ms. Lucy (Learning Support), Mr. Martin (Social Studies), and Mr. Ranson (EAL Support)

Orange you are glad to be on the Grade 6 Team

The Grade 6 Team – ‘Orange’ you glad to be in 6th grade?

Dear Students –

Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies. Along with our Moodle page, our class blog will host videos, student work, helpful links and much more! Please use it as a resource in Social Studies. You can ‘follow’ this page by adding your email address to the widget on the top right side of the blog (see image below).If you follow the blog, you will receive an email message anytime I post something new on the blog.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 8.52.41 AM

There are many things you can do to keep updated on Middle School events. You should read the Middle School Daily Bulletin blog each day for information about clubs, sports, M.S. parties, etc. Here are some general reminders for students from all of your 6th grade teachers:

  • Store backpacks and belongings in your locker and carry only the necessary items to class with you.

  • Use the bathroom during break times. Teachers may permit short bathroom/brain breaks during the block as per discretion.

  • Students should remain outside the classroom until the teacher is in the room, and/or until five minutes before the start of class.

  • Belongings are not to be stored in the classroom between classes.

  • Devices should remain switched off until directed by teacher.

  • Cell phones in class are for class purposes only (pictures, recording, etc.).

  • Eating is permitted only outside the classroom.

  • Student use of the common area is with teacher permission and supervision.

Have a great year, and please see your advisory teacher or your classroom teacher if you ever have any questions. E-mail me, if you have questions about Social Studies.

Mr. Martin (




New York, My Home

25 Jul

Beautiful Seneca Lake! The Finger Lakes, my home!

A photo posted by Rob Martin (@digitalnomadrob) on

Picking fresh blueberries at the Sugar Shack, something our family enjoys doing each summer.

A photo posted by Rob Martin (@digitalnomadrob) on

Greetings! I hope you all have had a nice summer vacation. I just returned to Chennai last night after spending a month in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. When people think of New York, they often do not think of the images above. They think of New York City. I am from a small town in central New York between Rochester and Syracuse, two medium-size cities. I enjoyed my summer riding my mountain bike, picking fresh berries, visiting nearby state parks and enjoying the beauty of the region I call home. How was your vacation and where did you go?

Himachal Pradesh, India

16 Jun

Hi students –

Here are a few photos from my past week in Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful state in the north of India, known for the Himalayan mountains and Tibetan Buddhism (among many other things). These are some videos and photos from my Instagram site. If you are on Instagram, you can follow me and I would love to see your photos as well. I hope you are enjoying your summer. I leave for New York tomorrow morning early. 

Mr. Martin


Hanna’s Out of Eden Learn Project

16 Jun
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.33.24 PM

Screenshot by Rob Martin (Out of Eden Learn Instagram page)

Dancinginthemoonlight’s (Hanna’s) project was featured on Out of Eden Learn’s Instagram page today. Congratulations, Hanna! You can read see it by clicking HERE.

Bye! Bye! Have a Nice Summer!

3 Jun
G6 team

Bye, Bye from the Grade 6 Team

Keep calm

Language Arts: Book Trailers

1 Jun

Mrs. Hall and Ms. Jaya asked me to share your book trailers on our blog. I look forward to watching them. Good work, everyone!

LAST Day! Are you ready to KAHOOT?

1 Jun
B block

B block class – I will miss you all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.04.11 AM

Lekhana storms into the lead and wins at the end. Good job, everyone!


Ted moves into the lead, but eventually fades to 4th place!

D block

D Block students – we’ll miss you!


Hmmm….what’s the answer?


“I can’t believe I got that wrong!” said Gregor.

H block

Best of luck next year, H Block!

G block

Goodbye G Block! We’ll miss you.


Goodbye from the Humanities team (L.A. and S.S.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.49.42 AM

Have a great summer! Stay in touch!

Best of luck to our sixth graders! 

Do the Olympics Unite People?

31 May

ArjanJeongwonJohnnyLekhanaCharlotteImogenMadhulikaYoung inComputerHannahLekhana2Sangmin and CyrilTaehee

A few photos from the last two days showing students giving a speech, reading an essay, or showing a presentation where they answer the question: Do the Olympics unite people? 

Last Week of 6th Grade

30 May



We have arrived to our FINAL week of the school year. I want to thank you for your hard work, positive attitude and for making this a special year for us. We will miss you next year, especially those students who are leaving AISC. The following students will be returning to their country or going to another country for school next year: Chanmin, Changik, ChanWoo, Charlotte, Cyril, Jihyeon, Romane, Seohyeon, Yeobin, and Youhei. 

Make sure you exchange new email addresses and stay in touch with your friends. Goodbye is not forever, especially in the age of technology where we can easily keep in touch. Post a comment to wish someone well, tell us your summer vacation plans, and/or to mention something you will miss about social studies. It has been a true pleasure to teach you. Have a great summer!

Mr. Martin and Ms. Jaya

6th Grade Play, Graduation, etc.

25 May


This morning, we got to watch the seniors make some noise and celebrate their upcoming graduation on Saturday. Here are a few photos!

The 6th grade teachers are very proud of the students who participated in the play. We enjoyed both plays. Great work!

Sophia’s Blog – Save Earth: Save Us

24 May

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.10.18 PM

Check out Sophia’s animal blog, Save Earth: Save Us. It’s a very nice blog which focuses on endangered animals and the environment. It’s quite nice. Take a look, and post a comment. Click HERE to see the blog. Great job, Sophia. I hope you continue to make posters next year. 

Textbook Return

23 May

0618531270bPlease return your social studies textbook on Thursday (G/H) and Friday (B/D) blocks. Thanks!

Ancient Egypt Videos – Best of the Best

18 May

Here is a selection of video documentaries we made for our Egypt project. There were many excellent ones, and I believe we all developed new skills in developing an inquiry or question to research, learning how to stay organized when doing research, writing a script or storyboard, and making a video. The videos in this playlist were among the best ones I watched. Good work everyone!

Watch the world population grow in under six minutes

17 May

Watch human population grow from 1 CE to present and see projected growth in under six minutes. One dot = 1 million people. Video via (WorldPopulationHistory). Very cool video, but also scary when you think about our Earth’s limited resources and the environment. What do you notice when you watch this video (See – Think – Wonder).

End of the Year Party

13 May
Student activities

Lekhana and Michelle

End of Year Party on Friday, May 20 from 4:30-6:00 in the FAC Cafeteria.

Tickets are 200/- and will be available from Tuesday, May 17. Ticket sellers are student activities club members and Ms. Jaya (3129) and Mrs. Hall (3131). 

The Olympics

12 May


How did the Greeks honor their Gods? The Olympics were one way. Watch some of these videos and learn more about the birth of the Olympics. To learn more, read the section ‘Honoring the Gods’ in your textbook (pages 362 – 363).


Exploring your Hi(STORY)

10 May

Students are currently completing Footstep #3, Learning from other Generations. I have seen some wonderful examples of special objects from your family, and I have read some really wonderful stories as well. Here are five stories from 6th grade students (See – Think – Wonder + Connect). Click HERE to read it! We look forward to sharing other examples this week.

Learning From Other Generations

6 May

The next footstep for Out of Eden Learn, #3 is “Learning from other generations.” This is a very interesting footstep because it gives you the opportunity to study and make connections (See-Think-Wonder + Connect) an object. This object could be almost anything, as long as it’s about 20- 30 years old. Look at directions I have shared with you, watch Sheya’s video directions on Out of Eden Learn, and take a look at examples of other student work from our walking party to gather ideas. I think this is a great opportunity to learn more about an important possession of a family member. Note: You can interview anyone for this project. Please read the directions again!

I also want to congratulate Ella. Her neighborhood map was featured on Out of Eden Learn’s Instagram page. Great job!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.37.58 AM

Ella’s neighborhood map on Instagram


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