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Ancient India Video Playlist

16 Apr

Geography of India:

Maurya and Gupta Empires:


Nile Delta Photos

21 Jan

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Geography Awareness Week!

22 Nov
Image source: National Geographic Education

Image source: National Geographic Education

What is geography?
Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Geographers explore both the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it. They also examine how human culture interacts with the natural environment and the way locations and places can have an impact on people. Geography seeks to understand where things are found, why they are there, and how they develop and change over time. 
Free Technology for Teachers sent me a list of fun online games for students to play. Check of the some of the links below:
Spacehopper is a game based on Google Maps Street View imagery. Spacehopper shows you a Street View image and you have to guess where in the world the image was captured. You can click the clue button to have the country identified before making a guess. After three incorrect guesses the correct answer will be revealed to you. You can play Spacehopper on a global level or you can specify that you only want to see images from a particular continent.

Smarty Pins is a Google Maps game develop by Google. Smarty Pins presents players with a trivia question that they have to answer by placing a pin on a map. Players earn “miles” for correctly placing a pin on the map. Players can lose miles for answering incorrectly and or taking too long to answer. Games are available in five categories; arts & culture, science & geography, sports & games, entertainment, and history & current events.

Where is…? is another good game geography game. This game uses a popular format for geography games; the name of a city is presented to the players and they have to click the map to guess where the city is located. Players are given immediate feedback on their accuracy in the form of a measurement, in kilometers, of the distance between their guesses and the correct answers.

GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr shows you a Google Street View image and a clue to try to guess where in the world the imagery was captured. Playing GeoGuessr is a fun way to get students to look at all of the visual and text clues they have in order to form a good guess as to where in the world they think the imagery came from.

Capital Toss is a free geography game from ABCya. The game has a state capitals mode and a country capitals mode. In both modes of the game works the same way. The name of a state or country appears at the bottom of the screen and three rows of capital names scroll across the top. When the correct capital name appears players virtually toss a ball at it. After ten correct answers players can choose a new ball. Three consecutive incorrect answers ends the game.

Math Trail provides a nice blend of geography questions and math questions appropriate for 5th to 7th grade students. Math Trail from HeyMath! is a series of map based math trivia challenges. Math Trail offers six thematic games. Each game follows a trail of locations that students have to find by using the clues provided. If they get stumped they can click “show location” but they lose the point value for the question. When they arrive at the correction location students have to answer the multiple choice math question presented to them before moving on to the next question in the trail.

Finally, we will add a Countries of the World Quiz (timed!) that our student really enjoyed playing last year. Give it a try!
Enjoy your weekend!

The Fertile Crescent (Maps)

2 Nov
Image source: media.web.britannica.com/

Image source: media.web.britannica.com/

Image source: earthobservatory.nasa.gov

Image source: earthobservatory.nasa.gov

Ancient Mesopotamia – The Fertile Crescent

28 Oct

This week we begin our new unit in Social Studies, Ancient Mesopotamia (Chapter 3). This video playlist will support what we read in the first lesson (Geography) and will give some background to this amazing empire. Mesopotamia is in the region currently known as the Middle East.
Essential Questions to consider in this lesson:
1) How did the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers support agriculture?
2) How did Mesopotamians cope (deal with or overcome) a lack of resources?

China – Current Affairs

16 Apr

I am creating a playlist of videos about modern-day China. You will see connections to its history, something your social studies/history teachers are always trying to make. If you find any good videos, please send them to your teacher.
China has also appeared in the news a lot over the past several years, due to their pollution crisis. Here is a new article in The Atlantic magazine are that crisis.




Something Fun: Countries of the World Challenge

9 Apr


I have a great online quiz to challenge you. How many countries can you name? As you name the country, a map will be filled in. You have 12 minutes. Are you ready?  Click HERE to start. Post a comment and tell us how many you can name. No cheating!!! :>)

New Month, New Unit – Ancient China

9 Apr

Gobi Desert

ChinaGeography China Map

Welcome back from your spring break! We hope it was enjoyable and restful, whether you traveled or stayed in Chennai. April is the start of our new unit – Ancient China. Like previous lessons, we will learn about how geography shaped ancient China (lesson 1). There were many dynasties that ruled China. We will learn about the earliest ones – the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han.  Watch this great video (#1 on the playlist) about the dynasties of China. The British Museum has a great link of the geography of China. Read the short, animated story of Nu Gua and try the geography challenge

Geography of India

9 Mar

India Geography

In our first lesson is chapter 7 , we learned about the geography of India – the Ganges and Indus Rivers, mountain ranges like the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, and much more. This video playlist has some nice short video clips that are a good review of the content we learned. More videos will be added. Post a comment and tell us something you learned (example: In video clip #4, I learned that….). 

Egypt, the Gift of the Nile

22 Jan

Students, check out this video on the Nile River. It’s a good review of some things we learned in lesson 1 (ex. silt – look at that brown water going over the waterfall…that’s silt!). Here’s a satellite image of the Nile Delta:

Nile Delta from space

Nile Delta from space

Mesopotamia – Geography and Sumer

4 Nov
In Chapter 3, lessons 1 and 2 we have learned about the geography of Mesopotamia, the traits of a civilization and Sumer, the first civilization in Mesopotamia. The British Museum has an excellent website with some good links where you can learn more about these things. Check out the links below:
Ziggurats click the story, explore, and challenge links for for online games or activities.
Geography click the story, explore, and challenge links. 


Ancient Mesopotamia

21 Oct

Last week, we introduced our second unit, Ancient Mesopotamia (Chapter 3). These two videos provide good reinforcement on what we have been learning in class and reading in our textbook. Check them out!

Gorgeous Glimpses of Calamity

20 Aug
Jan. 10, 2013: In this photo from NASA’s Aqua satellite, haze below the Himalayas blankets Northern India and Bangladesh, likely the result of fires, urban and industrial pollution, and a meteorological phenomenon called temperature inversion.

Jan. 10, 2013: In this photo from NASA’s Aqua satellite, haze below the Himalayas blankets Northern India and Bangladesh, likely the result of fires, urban and industrial pollution, and a meteorological phenomenon called temperature inversion.

In class we have been learning about geography, climate, vegetation and the five themes of geography. One of the themes is  human-environment interaction.  I read an interesting article on the New York Times website about the damage that humans are creating and the effects on our environment. The article has some difficult vocabulary, but the videos and images are very good.  Click on the hyper-link for the article, “Gorgeous Glimpses of Calamity,”  if you want to see some really interesting images and videos.    Mr. Martin
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