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Week Without Walls (Oct. 9 – 13)

16 Oct
Photos by Rob Martin

Week Without Walls in Panchgani was great! Here are a few photos I took during the trip. Your teachers, along with the Utsaah staff, will be creating a Google folder to add all of our photos. We got very lucky with the weather and it did not rain as much as we thought it might. I enjoyed the hike and the village visit, in particular. The opportunity to interview people in the small village about their lifestyle, local economy, health care, infrastructure, and educational opportunities was a great learning experience. You will find connections between this activity and what we will do for one of the footstep projects for Out of Eden Learn. 

Enjoy your fall vacation, whether you are traveling or staying in Chennai. See you in class on Monday, October 23 (2G day).


G6 WWW T-shirt Design Contest

12 Sep


Here are some examples of some of the COOL designs we have received, so far, for our Week Without Walls T-shirt design contest. We look forward to seeing more examples. The designs are due on Friday. Please submit your design to your advisory teacher. The finalists will be selected and invited to meet with the man who makes the t-shirts – Wednesday, September 20th during lunch. Pizza provided!

Week Without Walls – Days 3 & 4

7 Feb
Short hike

Short hike

Masa and Ryotaro

Masataka and Ryotaro at the viewpoint

Cup game

More team-building with the cup game

Food chain

Food chain – Catch me if you can!


Puzzle making


“Mintae, Mintae, Mintae!”

Camp fire

Making s’mores

Group photo Yelagiri

Last day group photo with our WWW T-shirts

Here are some more photos I took during the last two days. What is your best memory from Week Without Walls, or what is something new you tried or experienced (game, activity, or food, etc.)? – Mr. Martin


Week Without Walls – Days 1 & 2

6 Feb

Students – Here are some photos from the first two days of Week Without Walls in Yelagiri. I will continue to add some more photos and will send some photos to students. You can download these photos as well if you click on the photo and save it. Enjoy!

Copy and paste this sentence stem in the comment section. Complete this sentence: My favorite part of Week Without Walls was….because….

Bus ride

On the way to Yelagiri.

Team building

Team building


Chapati challenge

Short hike

Short hike viewpoint

KIng's Resort

King’s ‘Resort’ group

Bad Hair day

Mr. Martin’s Bad Hair Day

Lya nd Lekhana

Lya and Lekhana

Team building 2

More team building

Zip line




Vote Now: Week Without Walls

2 Mar
Vote on your favorite activity from our Grade 6 Week Without Walls/Yelegiri trip. Comment and tell us what activity you enjoyed and why you liked it. 

WWOW – Days 3/4

1 Mar

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Photos by Rob Martin

Photos from our last two days of WWOW – Yelagiri. What did you enjoy the most? What would you change to make it better?  Please comment.

WWOW – Day 2

1 Mar

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Photos by Rob Martin

Day 2 of Week Without Walls in Yelagiri.

WWOW – Day 1

1 Mar

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Photos by Rob Martin

Here are some photos I took from our first day of our Week Without Walls (WWOW) trip to Yelagiri.  Feel free to copy them.

Mr. Martin

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