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What is a Memoir?

4 Oct

This week you learned what a memoir is, and you began to brainstorm ideas (best times, worst times, first times, last times) before narrowing your choice to one topic.  Next week, you will continue working on your first draft, adding details and dialogue.  Watch this short video for a quick review of a memoir.

Heart Map

20 Sep

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The Dot – Make your Mark

13 Sep
In advisory class today, all grade 6 students did an activity related to The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  What does this story mean to you? How do you feel about starting something new? How do you feel when things seem difficult to do?  How will you “make your mark” on 6th grade?  Post a comment, and answer one or more of these questions.  Share a story or your opinion on The Dot.  I look forward to reading your comments.  Just a reminder – bring a writing journal to class on Monday (optional), or you can use a school-printed notebook. Have a great weekend.    Mr. Martin
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