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I Want a Great Book!

13 Oct
s49wzrp1xg2ax9d9o8cnStudents are always looking for new books to read. We have reviewed many places where you can find new books. Here is a list of some links. Remember, your friends are always the best source of ideas!
Mrs. Hall/Ms. Jaya’s Book Blog
Mr. Martin/Ms. Jaya’s Book Blog
Popular Grade 6 Books from goodreads (scroll down and click the next page to find more!)
Great books for boys 
Great books for girls
Awesome 6th grade books
You can also find books by reading level, as well as other links on our Moodle page.

Remember to write a book review this week!




Writing Tips from Marshfield Dreams Author

4 Oct
In our Language Arts class, we have been working on writing our memoir and hearing read ‘alouds’ from various memoirs, including Marshfield Dreams by Ralph Fletcher. Author Ralph Fletcher has a nice website and it includes some helpful links for young writers. Check out this page on writing tips and a Q & A (question and answer) page with for the author, as well as a list of other books by him. If you have enjoyed Marshfield Dreams, you can find it in the library along with other books by him. Please continue to work on your memoir with the aim of finishing your first draft by next class.  Have a nice weekend!

October Author of the Month: Linda Sue Park

1 Oct
Photo by: Jaya Shanker

Photo by: Jaya Shanker

The next time you step into our Grade 6 classroom library, check out our author of the month series. Linda Sue Park is the “daughter of Korean immigrants, she has been writing poems and stories since she was four years old, and her favorite thing to do as a child was read.”  Take a look at the Facts (aka FAQS) page on her website to learn more about her and see the books she has written. Her website features all kinds of information about Linda Sue Park. Sign out one of her books to read. Finally, you are all added to our book review blogs. Congratulations and thanks to the students who have already written and shared book reviews. Please write a review about a book you have read this year, or find new books on our blogs.
photo (3) copy

Photo by: Jaya Shanker

Word Hippo

1 Oct

Image Source: Word Hippo

Vikram shared a really cool website with me and some of this table partners today in Language Arts. Word Hippo is a website that you can use to find word meanings, rhyming words, word forms (past tense, future, tense, and much more!), example sentences, and translations. It looks like a great website that would be helpful to all students. We are always looking for great sites to add to our Moodle pages and our class blog. If you find helpful websites for Language Arts or Social Studies, please send the links to Mrs. Hall, Ms. Jaya, or me. Thanks, Vikram!

Thanks! Mr. Martin


21 Sep

Here is a video playlist which nicely describes memoirs.

Scholastic Book Fair!

7 Sep

Book-Fair-ArrowThere will be a Scholastic Book Fair from Monday to Wednesday this week in the Black Box Theater (BBT). Stop by before class, during recess or lunch, or after school. We hope you find something great to read!



New Books in the CIC!

3 Sep
CIC Party

CIC Party

The Collaboration and Inquiry Center (CIC) has over 1,500 new books for students to check out, beginning on Thursday. There are a wide range of new books from fiction to non-fiction, and we have many that support our curriculum that are in Japanese, Korean, and other languages. You can see the books on display now, if you visit the CIC (bottom and top floors). The CIC catalogue of books can be found HERE and at the bottom of this blog. Mr. Jet and his staff, along with your teachers, encourage you to visit. Check it out!



How to become a better writer

26 Aug


Dangerous Books?

24 Aug


Has any book changed your life?

Find that ‘Just Right’ Book

20 Aug

Just right books Just right books 3



General Reading Expectations:

  • Always bring the book you are reading to L.A. class.

  • Read every night for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

  • You can take your literacy notebook home, but you need to bring it to L.A. class.

  • Choose a wide variety of genres that are age-appropriate and at your “just right” level.

  • Maintain your 40 Book Challenge!

What is the first book you are reading in 6th grade Language Arts? Write a comment and tell us the title and author.

What should I read next?

18 Aug
Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock


Tomorrow, the remainder of the 6th grade will go to the CIC (library) during advisory to meet Mr. Jet and his staff and to learn more about the M.S. CIC. All students will go to the CIC to get books during L.A. on Wednesday and Thursday.  In order to help you choose a book, take a look at the two book review blogs that your 6th grade L.A./S.S. teachers created last year:
Mr. Martin/Ms. Jaya’s Book Review Blog
Mrs. Hall/Ms. Jaya’s Book Review Blog
We also discovered this cool website – What Should I Read Next? Click on the links and find a book to read. The CIC catalogue link is at the bottom of this blog. Remember that you can go to the CIC before and after school and during breaks or lunch.

Research Projects & Documentaries

26 May

Check out some of the videos that students in Mr. Martin, Ms. Jaya, and Mr. Seth’s class created for their research project.  Many were very creative and artistic and focused on a topic of the student’s choice. Enjoy!


Celebration of Reading: Book Trailers and Reviews

23 May


To celebrate our year of reading, we have been creating book trailers and our final book review for our book review blogs. In 6th grade Humanities this year, we have calculated that students have read 2,180 books total (at last count). Many met the “40 Book Challenge,” several surpassed it. All students read a wide variety of genres this year, and we are very proud of them.  Some students are finishing book trailers this weekend, and we will add more to the playlist below.  Check out the book review blogs here:

Mr. Martin/Ms. Jaya/Mr. Seth  and Mrs. Hall/Ms. Jaya

Projects, Projects!

21 May

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The students have been working hard in recent weeks on a research project in our non-fiction unit. They are currently working on creating book trailers for a book they have read this semester. This is an opportunity to celebrate our year in language arts. Student samples will be added to the blog soon!

Reading is…

29 Apr
Image source: Edutopia

Image source: Edutopia

Book Blogs: Review and Rate Your Book!

13 Mar
Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

The Grade 6 Humanities team is excited to launch our new book review blogs. This will be an opportunity for you to post reviews and rate books you are reading.  You will reach a wider audience with these reviews and also have opportunities to connect with students who love the types of books you enjoy. You can also create book trailers or use tech tools to promote your book. Links to our book review blogs are in the ‘Class Resources’ Blogroll on the right side of this blog, but you can also find them below.  Post your review on your teacher’s blog, but feel free to comment on either blog. Enjoy!

Mr. Martin’s Class

Mrs. Hall’s Class

Making Movies in your Mind

12 Mar

Women's eye - looking forward.Isolated on white.


Good readers create mental images before, during, and after reading, and they make connections to what they are reading through their senses. In class this week, we are reviewing this active reading strategy, and you will use it when writing your extended response due on Friday. Please see the Google Presentation we showed in class.

Reading: Why Are Those 20 Minutes a Day So Important?

24 Feb

why-cant-I-skip-reading reading info

Twenty minutes a day = 3,600 minutes in a school year = 1,800,000 words = better vocabulary = better writing = higher success and it goes on and on . . .I saw these two Infographics on a blog I read and I thought they were powerful and important. Read these and understand why it’s important to read each day, even if it’s for 20 minutes (your minimum requirement for 6th grade).


Punctuation Saves Lives: Commas

18 Feb

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John Coy Talks with Grade 6

24 Jan
John Coy (Photo by Rob Martin)

John Coy (Photo by Rob Martin)

Grade 6 students had the good fortune of attending John Coy’s discussion today. They learned about the life of an author, how long it takes to get a book published, and how Mr. Coy defines revision.  Students asked a lot of excellent questions. Check out Mr. Coy’s website HERE.  Post a comment and tell us if you enjoyed his visit and anything interesting you learned from his talk.  Have a good weekend!

Meet Author John Coy

21 Jan
Photo by Jeff Wheeler

Photo by Jeff Wheeler

Grade 6 Readers and Writers,

We are fortunate to have author John Coy visiting AISC this week and giving us workshops and lessons on the writing process and how he writes books. Please click here to check out his website! Grade 6 students will meet Mr. Coy on Friday to learn more about revising our writing. If you could ask him one question, what would you ask him? 

Mr. Coy’s biography

Vote Now! Favorite Genre

22 Nov
Vote now! You have one week to vote. There are many types of genres. If your favorite is not listed, you can write a comment.

“Blabbing” about Books!

13 Nov
Students have been sending us examples of their Blabberize videos and sharing a book they have read. Many are very good, and we will share some on our class blog. We encourage you to make your own ‘Blabber’ for a book you are reading.  We will give you extra credit, if you do one; this is an optional assignment.  The due date has been extended, and we will accept them until Monday, December 2nd. The instructions and links on how to make one are in a separate blog post that has already been shared with you (scroll down and you will see it). Here are some excellent ones:

Blabbing About Our Books!

24 Oct

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Today we started writing our scripts for our Blabberize activity.  You are creating a first-person account on a book you are reading or one you recently read, from the point of view of a main character or the author.  Today we had a bit of a rough day with technology and slow wifi…actually, it has been a rough week. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day. and we hope for better success.  In the mean time, play around with Blabberize at home, if you would like. Here are some links for directions that are easy to follows.  You can use one or more of them. They are more or less the same. If you cannot find an answer in one, you can probably find it in another link below. I recorded the audo through my computer the first time and the second time I tried it, I used an I-Pad app called ‘My Memo.’ You can use anything you want to record the audio, including your phone.  Do not embed your blabberize video on your blog, until your teahcer has seen it. You can email your teacher the URL when you are done.
How to make a Blabber
Blabber Support
Blabber Cheat Sheet

Book Reviews!

9 Oct
It’s time to share a book you are currently reading or have read this year in Grade 6 Humanities.  Write a comment and tell us about your favorite book. Include the title and author, the genre (fantasy, realistic fiction, mystery, science fiction, etc.) and, of course, why you think it’s the best book.  Sentence starter:
My favorite book I have read this year is ______________ (title) by ______________ (author).  I love (or loved) this book because ……. (tell us why your book was so great). No SPOILERS, please.
Thanks, and we look forward to reading your comments.  All students are expected to share a book they have read.  It’s great when you can share AWESOME books with your classmates and teachers.

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