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January Birthdays

9 Jan


Happy birthday to the following students celebrating birthdays this month: Suin (8), Amy (18), Palani (21), Hakin (27). If I forgot anyone or made an error, let me know. Have a great day!

December Birthdays

30 Nov


Happy birthday to the following students celebrating their birthday in the month of December: Seohyun (2), Sanjeev (3), Hyewon & Jinwon (9), Natalie and Nathan (13), Akshaya (14), Shanmugam (24), Samira (30), Riley (31). Let me know if I forgot anyone or made an error.

November Birthdays

31 Oct


Happy birthday to the following students celebrating birthdays in the month of November: Miruna (13), ChaeYeon(17), Paula(24), and Gautham (27). If I left someone off the list, let me know. Have a great day!


Week Without Walls Pics

29 Oct

What an exciting week of learning! Your teachers and Utsaah are putting together an album of the best of the best of our photos we took during our week in Panchgani. You can also see all of my Tweets and photos, if you look at my Twitter feed (@DigitalNomadRob) on the right side of my blog. I also posted some photos to my Instagram page, which is also on this blog. Check them out, while we put together your album. We hope you had a great week of learning and were challenged to try new things and to make new friends. This week in advisory, you will do some reflection on your week. Enjoy your long weekend, and see you on Tuesday, November 1st (2H). 




All photos taken by Rob Martin!

October Birthdays + Next Week

8 Oct

Happy birthday to all of the grade 6 students celebrating birthdays this month: Leo (15), Lokesh & Seongwon(19), Junwoo (25), Yejin (26) and Hana (28). If I left anyone off this list or made an error, let me know. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and see you on Monday, which will be a 1A Day. I am enjoying my vacation in Vietnam and have added some photos to my Instagram account which is on my class blog. Here is one photo I took the other day.

We look forward to hearing about your vacation, whether you stayed in Chennai or traveled. Next week we will continue working on our research project and also introduce Out of Eden Learn Footstep #2 – Creating a Neighborhood Map. Students in our walking party have already begun posting their maps. You can see their maps and comment.

Week Without Walls Blog

28 Sep


Check out the Grade 6 Week Without Walls Blog – all your questions answered! It will be updated regularly, so check it out often.

August and September Birthdays!

1 Sep


Happy birthday to the following students who either celebrated a birthday last month or are celebrating this month. Make sure you add your birthday to the Google Document I shared with you last week, so I can add your name this year. Have a great day, and post a comment to wish your classmates a happy birthday. 

August: Hyeonsu (5), Shiv (7), YeongJun (24) and Owen(28)

September: Dhivya (9), Ava (12), Suman (17), Moeno (19), Gyubo (22). 

Bye! Bye! Have a Nice Summer!

3 Jun
G6 team

Bye, Bye from the Grade 6 Team

Keep calm

6th Grade Play, Graduation, etc.

25 May


This morning, we got to watch the seniors make some noise and celebrate their upcoming graduation on Saturday. Here are a few photos!

The 6th grade teachers are very proud of the students who participated in the play. We enjoyed both plays. Great work!

Sophia’s Blog – Save Earth: Save Us

24 May

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.10.18 PM

Check out Sophia’s animal blog, Save Earth: Save Us. It’s a very nice blog which focuses on endangered animals and the environment. It’s quite nice. Take a look, and post a comment. Click HERE to see the blog. Great job, Sophia. I hope you continue to make posters next year. 

End of the Year Party

13 May
Student activities

Lekhana and Michelle

End of Year Party on Friday, May 20 from 4:30-6:00 in the FAC Cafeteria.

Tickets are 200/- and will be available from Tuesday, May 17. Ticket sellers are student activities club members and Ms. Jaya (3129) and Mrs. Hall (3131). 

May Birthdays

3 May

Happy Birthday Dog Singing

Happy birthday to the following students celebrating birthdays this month: Yewon (16), Aryan (18), Youhei (21), Madhulika (22), Efflam/Hanut (26). Let me know if I forgot anyone. Have a great day! I will add the June and July birthdays together at the end of the month. 

Go Athletes!

21 Apr
Track and field

Hanut, Masataka, and Ryotaro (Photo by Rob Martin)


Good luck track and field athletes! We are proud of you.

The Orphan Bike Project

11 Apr


If you enjoyed STEM, like biking, and want to help others, this project might be for you! Here is a video I created last year for the project. More information is in the student bulletin!

Did you know bikes are one of the most efficient machines in the world? Are you interested in helping local kids? Mr. Ryan (8th grade) is putting together a team of students to pair up with a local orphan. You can work together with another kid to rebuild their bike. Don’t know how to work with bikes? No problem. We can learn together! The Orphan Bike Project will take place on 4 Saturdays here on campus. Here is the schedule:

April 23rd- Introductions, Clean bikes, Note what needs to be replaced, pictures and interviews           

May 14th- refurbish bicycles (brake pads, brake cables)

May 7th- refurbish bicycles 

May 21st – Bikeathon! To raise money for the orphan’s school costs.

Please e-mail Ms. Heidi if you are interested. Fill out this form, get it signed, and turn it into Ms. Heidi (Room 2123) by Friday, April 15.

April Birthdays

31 Mar


Happy birthday to the following people celebrating birthdays in April: Keisha (5) Mr. Martin (22), Lya (23), Nahyeon (25), Young In (27). If I forgot someone, or make a mistake let me know. Happy birthday!

Goodbye & Good Luck!

16 Mar



Goodbye and good luck!

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Hello Monday!

7 Mar

Mr. Martin (From Ted) – Thanks!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.26.55 AM

Congratulations to Mintae!

Good morning, are you ready for a great week? Madhulika told me she saw this announcement from Out of Eden Learn on Twitter. Thanks for letting me know. :>) The lucky winner was our very own, Mintae. Thank to all of the students who replied to the survey in a timely manner. I know who reads my messages!

March Birthdays

5 Mar


Happy Birthday Dog Singing

Happy birthday to the following students celebrating a birthday this month. If I made an error, or forgot someone please let me know! Praseedha (1), Sokhi (8), Cyril (11), Jihyeon (15),ChangIk (17), Seohyun Park (18), Sangmin Han (19), Donovan (27), Jeongwon (28), Chanwoo (31)

RISE Event – Friday (Be There!)

2 Mar


RISE, March 4 at 4:00pm in the Auditorium

On behalf of RISE at American International School Chennai (AISC), we would like to invite you to a special event on the AISC campus. RISE (resilience, innovation, service, and entertainment) is a committee that brings innovative thinkers and performers to our school to enrich the discourse and exposure around big ideas and global issues related to our mission and core values. This looks really good, and you should attend. More information is in your student bulletin. 

February Birthdays!

17 Feb


Happy Birthday to Ted and Michelle! Ted (today) and Michelle (26th) are the only students celebrating a birthdays this month. Ted’s birthday is today, so wish a happy birthday and ask him why he doesn’t like chocolate. :>)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.19.08 AM

Get Your Tickets!

28 Jan

Get your tickets!

I’m going tonight to see “History of the Universe in 77 Minutes” tonight. Get your tickets! You can see it tonight or tomorrow night.

Middle School Theatre

23 Jan

MS Theatre production banner-01

The Middle School Theatre Department invites you to attend a unique theatrical event, “A History of the Universe in 77 minutes”. It’s a play that covers the whole of history, from the big bang right up to the present.  As the narrative unfolds, the play takes the audience on a thrilling roller coaster ride through some of the most memorable moments in our past, with some serious themes wrapped up in a whole lot of comedy. 

Tickets for the play are only 250 rupees and can be bought before and after school at the Main Entrance and the Elementary Gate. A donation of the ticket money will go to Chennai Flood Relief projects. Performance Dates and times are 28th of January at 5:00 p.m. and 29th of January at 6:00 p.m. Suitable for all ages, we hope to see you there!

I enjoyed the sneak peek at the assembly, and it looks great. Many of your classmates have been working hard to prepare for it. Please go and support them!

M.S. Spirit Week

14 Jan
Crazy hair day

Nice sunglasses and hat, Donovan!

Crazy hair day

Mrs. Hall and Ms. Jaya always show school spirit.


Celebrate Spirit Week!

We have Spirit Week from January 18 – 22. Please see below for theme for each day.

MONDAY                  – Crazy Hair/Hat Day

TUESDAY                 – Pyjama Day

WEDNESDAY          – Mismatch Clothes Day

THURSDAY              – Multiples Day

FRIDAY                     – School Color Day (Blue/White)

spirit week 2

Multiples Day

Spirit week

Mismatch Day with Sophia

Crazy hair day

Who has crazier hair?

Multiples day

Multiples Day


Chennai Floods

8 Dec

Photo by STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images (from Slate Magazine article)

Welcome back to school after a rough week with a lot of rain and flooding. I was so happy to see so many students return to school today. I was unsure of how many might come. For those who were unable to come today, we were thinking of you, and we hope you are well.

I have watched so many images this week on TV and social media (when the power came back on). Here is one article that was interesting from Slate and another article featuring images of this historic event. Yes…historic! You were part of history in Chennai, something I imagine you will not forget. Let’s think of those who are not as fortunate as us, as Chennai moves to a recovery stage. Feel free to share any stories in the comment section of compassion, courage, creativity, and confidence, AISC’s 4C’s. 



Advisory activity – 4Cs in action during our week of rains and flooding in Chennai.

December Birthdays

1 Dec

birthday-48aHappy birthday to the following students celebrating a birthday in the month of December: Yeobin (10), Hera (13), Arjan (20), Thea (23), Ella and Imogen (24), Haruna (29). If we left someone off the list by mistake or made any errors, let us know. Happy birthday, and have a great day!


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