Everyday Borders and Barriers

6 Feb

I preparation for our next unit (Meeting our Needs), we will focus on ancient China, it’s geography, and the Silk Roads. What barriers led to China being an isolated country? 

Take a slow walk around our school. As you walk, ask yourself:

  • What kinds of borders and barriers do you notice?

  • How is your movement restricted or prevented?

  • Are there any ‘invisible’ borders: places where not everyone feels able to go even if there is not a sign blocking their entry?

  • Are there places where you don’t feel welcome or don’t like to go.

Photograph borders or barriers that you notice around our school campus.

Student photos (Google Slides) – Click LINK

Adesh, William, Anya7AyannBushiroCaoiChanak and Donghee1Doyeon, Somin, Chaeyun3Emily and Chaeyun2jooenMilo and Adam2Milo and Adam3Neil and Iven1

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