Mind Mapping – Thinking about our Thinking

1 Sep

Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin


Photo by Rob Martin

A few photos from the past two days where we are learning about the power of mind (concept) mapping, why we do it, how we can organize our ideas, and how we can collaborate to share our thinking. Students will now do a mind map for the civilization they are studying (Egypt or Mesopotamia). We look forward to seeing these next class. 

One Response to “Mind Mapping – Thinking about our Thinking”

  1. kseongwon September 2, 2016 at 11:55 am #

    I can see other classes have different ideas.I predict that if everybody’s idea was in one place it would be overloaded with notes.So I think a mind map is a source that we can compare with other notes,and also I think it is a good source to organize your idea.


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