Documenting the Everyday

22 Feb

For Footstep #5, student documented the everyday by doing one of the following two options:

PLACE: Document everyday life in a place that you know.

PROCESS: Document how people in your community do something as part of their everyday lives. For example, you could focus on how a type of food or drink is prepared, how an object is made or repaired, or how someone goes about another kind of daily task or activity.

Some students created videos sharing something about the local culture or their own culture, while others created a presentation. There were many excellent examples that you can see here. There were all kinds of things shared, but most people seemed to like to share recipes and games. We have enough things to make a cooking show!

B/D Block student exemplars:

How to play Yutnori (Korean game) by MathPie314

Korean recipe (Tteokbokki) by Minibanana

Shogi (Japanese game) by Eva

Documenting the Everyday – IamMario

G/H Block student exemplars: Coming soon!

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