Learning Journey 2 Starts Soon!

17 Feb
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.56.35 AM

Screenshot of Pauls’s current location.

This week we are completing Learning Journey 1 for Out of Eden Learn. All students should be finished with Footstep #6, and it should be added to Out of Eden Learn as soon as possible. Please take some time to comment and see what other students in our walking party have done. Learning Journey 2 (with a NEW walking party!) starts soon. More details will be shared soon!

Where is Paul? 

Paul Salopek is currently in Azerbaijan and recently updated his Facebook Page and Instragram page with some images. You can also follow his blog and stories HERE and on the RSS feed from my class blog. 

Out of Eden Walk

First glimpse of the Caspian Sea (Image source: Paul Salopek/Out of Eden Walk)


Near Lahich, Azerbaijan (Image source: Paul Salopek/Out of Eden Walk) 
Beautiful scenery and landscape!

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