Chennai Floods

8 Dec

Photo by STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images (from Slate Magazine article)

Welcome back to school after a rough week with a lot of rain and flooding. I was so happy to see so many students return to school today. I was unsure of how many might come. For those who were unable to come today, we were thinking of you, and we hope you are well.

I have watched so many images this week on TV and social media (when the power came back on). Here is one article that was interesting from Slate and another article featuring images of this historic event. Yes…historic! You were part of history in Chennai, something I imagine you will not forget. Let’s think of those who are not as fortunate as us, as Chennai moves to a recovery stage. Feel free to share any stories in the comment section of compassion, courage, creativity, and confidence, AISC’s 4C’s. 



Advisory activity – 4Cs in action during our week of rains and flooding in Chennai.

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