Out of Eden Learn – Footstep #3

23 Nov
animaheart (Charlotte)


AppleHoneyPie (Nahyeon)


Doraemon (Ryotaro)


HamsterForever (Haruna)


MasssSaamy (Aryan)


SushiSamarai (Youhei)


FinalFantasy5 (Efflam)


MusicLover (Yui)


Heaven (Thea)


MrWigglesisBae2 (Imogen)


Here are a few of the many great neighborhood photos that students have taken for Out of Eden Learn. Many more are displayed around our classroom, and I have tweeted many others out via my Twitter handle @DigitalnomadRob. Two of our students, Ella and Hera, had their photos featured on an interactive map that Out of Eden Walk created. Click HERE to see this really great map. Sophia had a photo she took featured on Out of Eden’s Instagram page.

I am very impressed with the photos taken, and I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to slow down and notice new things about your neighborhood in Chennai. Keep up the good work!


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