AISC Chennai Flood Relief

18 Nov
BeatsbySeeker (Ted)

Photo by Ted

Darksword (Sangmin)

Photo by Sangmin

PinkyBlinkyInkyClyde (Donovan)

Photo by Donovan

The AISC Chennai Flood Relief (see their Facebook page, or tell your parents) have created a donation system in which people have the ability to donate a variety of different products and/or goods to aid the people of Chennai in their fight for safety and shelter. We are currently asking for foods, clothes, sundries, and items such as blankets, sheets, and mats. We already have a total of 12 boxes around the school in which you can donate these items including the main reception, the elementary entrance, and the HS and MS cafeteria.

When considering items to donate, please keep in mind the quality in which you plan to give to our campaign. When donating clothes, make sure that they are culturally appropriate and are able to be used by children from 3 to 18. As well when donating food to keep all items in good quality. Thank you for supporting your community.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.31.06 PMFlood relief

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