“Sole Brothers” – Out of Eden Learn (G/H)

5 Oct

This week we launched our first “footstep” for the Out of Eden Learn Project. Students watched videos to learn more about Paul Salopek’s journey following the path of human migration. They learned about ‘slow journalism’ and his reasons for taking this trip.G/H block students read Paul’s blog post Sole Brothers. Think about these questions and comment. Our first ‘footstep’ and Part 1 (Get Inspired) is a practice one and it asks you to engage in Paul’s journey and to respond to these questions:

1) What caught your attention or interested you about Paul’s article (Sole Brothers)? Here is an EAL-friendly version.

2) What questions or wonders do you now have (about this article or Paul’s journey)?

Comment below and copy and paste your message to your Out of Eden Learn Google Document (Footstep #1, Part 1) Also, reflect on the beginning of Paul’s story:

“Footwear is a hallmark of modern identity. How best to glimpse an individual’s core values at the start of the 21st century? Look down at their feet—not into their eyes.”

3) What can you learn about someone, or their values from their footwear (see photos of grade 6 footwear)?

In Ethiopia, many people where wear the inexpensive sandals that Paul noticed. Check out the poll question below and vote.

One Response to ““Sole Brothers” – Out of Eden Learn (G/H)”

  1. Sangmin Han October 6, 2015 at 7:20 pm #

    Ha ha so many shoes ! “:”)


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