Blood on Snow (Out of Eden)

13 Feb

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Paul Salopek’s most recent dispatch (blog post) appeared yesterday, Blood on Snow. I thought this post was a particularly good example of nice storytelling. Many of you have asked about the dangers that he and his group have faced on this journey. Read this dispatch and find out what happened to Paul.

Also, make sure you add your Electronic Oasis reflection to the Out of Eden Learn site (see the screenshot below) and copy and paste your answers to the Electronic Oasis post – due Sunday at 9:00pm – on the Linking to Thinking site. Footstep 1 is finished. Good job!

Remember to post your Electronic Oasis response to the Out of Eden site.

Remember to post your Electronic Oasis response to the Out of Eden site.

2 Responses to “Blood on Snow (Out of Eden)”

  1. Sriya February 14, 2015 at 3:19 am #

    What caught your attention or interested you about Paul’s article?

    The part of Electronic Oasis that caught my interest was that tribes who once ended communication to the outside world and now are embracing the new culture and forgetting the culture why they abandoned the outside world in the first place! The good thing is that tribes are communicating with us so we can understand more about them. The bad thing is that they themselves are forgetting their culture.

    What questions or wonders do you now have?

    I wonder if other tribes are starting to use the electronics? I also wonder if Paul Salopek knows more information about the history of these tribes?


    • Mr. Martin February 16, 2015 at 1:10 am #

      Hi Sriya,

      Good reflection, but this was supposed to go on the other blog post with the title ‘Electronic Oasis.’


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