Blabbing About Our Books!

24 Oct

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Today we started writing our scripts for our Blabberize activity.  You are creating a first-person account on a book you are reading or one you recently read, from the point of view of a main character or the author.  Today we had a bit of a rough day with technology and slow wifi…actually, it has been a rough week. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day. and we hope for better success.  In the mean time, play around with Blabberize at home, if you would like. Here are some links for directions that are easy to follows.  You can use one or more of them. They are more or less the same. If you cannot find an answer in one, you can probably find it in another link below. I recorded the audo through my computer the first time and the second time I tried it, I used an I-Pad app called ‘My Memo.’ You can use anything you want to record the audio, including your phone.  Do not embed your blabberize video on your blog, until your teahcer has seen it. You can email your teacher the URL when you are done.
How to make a Blabber
Blabber Support
Blabber Cheat Sheet

One Response to “Blabbing About Our Books!”

  1. Mr. Martin November 5, 2013 at 5:45 am #


    Due to issues with the school’s wifi, we have decided to make this an extra credit assignment. The due date will be November 22, giving you a lot of time to experiment and play with Blabberize on your own. Trying to do this project as a group will only bring more frustration, as it did the last time we tried it. Good luck and send me your link before November 22, if you decide to do this activity. The links attached will help you to make your Blabberize video.

    Mr. Martin


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