Quiz – Chapter 1, lessons 1/2

26 Aug
Students,  You will have your first Social Studies quiz on Wednesday, August 28th.  The quiz will be on chapter 1, lessons 1 and 2.  You should re-read both lessons, study your notes, and review these terms: pangaea, Continental Drift Theory, geography, continent, landform, climate, vegetation, hemisphere, political map, physical map, thematic map.  The three essential questions in each lesson are very good too. Use the Classzone website (Lesson Review) to prepare for all quizzes and tests this year.  Good luck!

One Response to “Quiz – Chapter 1, lessons 1/2”

  1. Mr. Martin August 26, 2013 at 10:43 am #

    After you click on the Classzone link, click the ‘International’ link and then find your Middle School Social Studies textbook. There is a menu or window that will display each chapter. Find the current chapter we are studying and go to ‘Lesson Review.’ You will find this website is a good way to review content and vocabulary.
    Mr. Martin


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