Lego Ancient Monuments

12 Jun


Check out this article and the images of ancient or modern monuments made of Legos. We hope your summer is going well!

We Made It! Congratulations!

27 May

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Grade 6 Humanities Students,

It has been a fantastic year! We thank you for your hard work and positive attitude. We will miss you next year. Have a wonderful, restful summer! Enjoy your final three days.

Mr. Martin, Mrs. Hall, Ms. Jaya, and Mr. Seth

Research Projects & Documentaries

26 May

Check out some of the videos that students in Mr. Martin, Ms. Jaya, and Mr. Seth’s class created for their research project.  Many were very creative and artistic and focused on a topic of the student’s choice. Enjoy!


M.S. Party – Goodbyes – Birthdays – Ayyanar Horse

26 May

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Here are a few photos of 6th graders from the final MS social event, the end of the year party. Make sure you thank Mrs. Hall, Ms. Jaya, and Ms. Lakshmi for organizing all of the events this year. Along with the various chaperones, they have worked hard.
This is a difficult time of year, a time when we say goodbye to friends returning to their country for good or moving to a new country and starting a new adventure. The following students will be leaving AISC this year: Emma, Rika, Jason, Yeon Su, Arya, Mara, Loren, SooIn, Rintaro, Ramu, and Nolan (are we missing anyone?). Please take some time this week and say goodbye and exchange email addresses.  Here are students celebrating birthdays this summer:
June – Aravind (6/2), Mara (6/17), Rintaro (6/25)
July – Seo Young (7/4), Taiga (7/6), Aniketh (7/7),  Mr. Seth (7/11), Alessio (7/13), Natsumi (7/15), Leander (7/19), Margot (7/21), Jason (7/25), Mrs. Hall (7/28)
Finally, check out Karthik and Ramu’s great video and interview with the artists creating the great Ayyanar horses at AISC. I am also including a video in this playlist from our ES tech integrator, Ms. Priya. Both are fantastic!

Celebration of Reading: Book Trailers and Reviews

23 May



To celebrate our year of reading, we have been creating book trailers and our final book review for our book review blogs. In 6th grade Humanities this year, we have calculated that students have read 2,180 books total (at last count). Many met the “40 Book Challenge,” several surpassed it. All students read a wide variety of genres this year, and we are very proud of them.  Some students are finishing book trailers this weekend, and we will add more to the playlist below.  Check out the book review blogs here:

Mr. Martin/Ms. Jaya/Mr. Seth  and Mrs. Hall/Ms. Jaya

What is your superpower? Vote. Comment.

23 May


Vinay made a funny video that he shared with the Middle School at today’s final assembly. X-Men – Days of Future Past is also being released today. If you could have one superpower, what would you want?  Summer is all about blockbuster movies, and they always seem to include a superhero movie. What is your favorite superhero or superhero movie? Vote! Post a comment.


Projects, Projects!

21 May

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The students have been working hard in recent weeks on a research project in our non-fiction unit. They are currently working on creating book trailers for a book they have read this semester. This is an opportunity to celebrate our year in language arts. Student samples will be added to the blog soon!


20 May
Image source: Edutopia

Image source: Edutopia

The Persian Wars

15 May

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The wars between Persia and Greece took place in the early part of the 5th century BC. Persia had a huge empire and had every intention of adding Greece to it. The Battles of Marathon, Thermoplyae, and Salamis will be discussed in class. 

The Persian Wars were immensely important for Western civilization. The Greeks, a relatively small and dis-unified nation, unexpectedly defeated the greatest empire on earth. Afterward, this experience compelled the Greeks to identify themselves culturally. The world’s first real historian, the Greek Herodotus, writing in the mid-400s BCE, chose the Persian Wars as his story to tell; it was the greatest understandable event in human memory, and it distinguished the Greek from the “barbarian.” Similarly, the amazing Athenian cultural achievements of the 400s and 300s BCE—in theater, philosophy, sculpture, architecture, and the development of democracy—were products of a confidence adopted because of the Persian Wars. Had the invading Persians won and had Greece become just another province of their empire, there would have been no brilliant Athenian century to serve as the foundation of modern culture. 
Becoming a Spartan Soldier


Textbooks & Library Books

13 May
world-history-ancient-civilizations-mcdougal-littell-hardcover-cover-artWe would like students to return textbooks by Friday.  Also, please return novels to our Humanities library. Here is a message from Mr. Jet:
Please note that the last day for student and parent check-out is May 16.  The CIC Library will still be open of course for students to visit, work on projects, and look at books until the end of the school year. :) We also have a wonderful collection of eBooks (over 4,000) which we would love to encourage students, parents, and staff to use.  They can be accessed at home or at school and our eBook collection covers both curriculum content and pleasure reading.  If you would like to take advantage of our eBooks, but need help, please let us know and we can assist you.  We are here and happy to help!  Mr. Jet



Birthplace of Democracy

12 May

In Social Studies we have learned about citizenship and ancient Greece being the ‘birthplace of Democracy.’ A playlist has been created here to share some short video clips and a documentary (optional) to help you understand the vocabulary and content.

20 Awe-Inspiring Ruins from the World’s Greatest Civilizations

12 May
Photo Credit: agap/Shutterstock

Photo Credit: agap/Shutterstock

“All over the globe, from Italy to Zimbabwe, civilizations have left behind impressive monuments and structures that attest to their former glory. Appearing in literature, songs, and films, these mystical sculptures, sacred religious sites, royal palaces, fortifications, ancient centers of commerce, ports, and tombs are all we have left of some of history’s most illustrious societies. While some sites were lost for centuries, engulfed by overgrown jungles, others never fell out of use. Either way, these 20 awe-inspiring places are sure to inspire travelers looking for adventure and a connection to the past.” – by Laura Itzkowtiz
Click on the link and check out this slide show. It’s hard to pick 20 places, and I am sure some should be added or are missing from this list. Have you been to any of these places? 

Keeping track of my responsibilities

9 May
In advisory class we are talking about responsibility. How you do you keep track of your responsibilities? What is your favorite way to keep track of assignments and things you need to do? If you selected ‘other,’ please post a comment and tell us what you use.  Do you think next year’s 6th graders should also have a planner? Share your opinion.

M.S. Art Show – Check it out!

7 May

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Check out the M.S. Art Show! Awesome work, 6th graders! You have great art teachers.  The art work will be on display from May 7 – 15.

Greek Gods, Myths, Movies, and Literature

7 May

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Much of what we know about ancient Greece comes from epic poems, myths, and stories from Homer, who wrote the Odyssey and the Iliad. These are two classic stories that some of you have readMany of you have also seen movies like Clash of the Titans, Troy, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson. Hollywood continues to make movies or use elements of Greek literature in their stories or characters. Check out the links on fables and myths on the right side of the blog under ‘Ancient Greece.’ These are great links:  heroes and gods and goddesses in ancient Greece
Odyssey Online - See link for Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes (and Harry Potter!)
British Museum – see the explore, story, and challenge links
Please write a comment about any of the movies or books I mentioned, or the links.  Do you know any other books, series, or movies influenced by Greece?


Introduction to Greece

6 May

1 Pointed Mind

5 May

In advisory this week, MS Counselor Ms. Trish talked about the importance of focusing on one thing at a time and the power of meditation. Here is the video she showed you. When you are feeling stressed out, or if you simply need to calm down before taking a test, watch/listen to this video.
You have one week to reply to this poll question. If you selected ‘other’ for a choice, post a comment and tell us what sound you find most relaxing or calming. Thanks.


Chinese Dyansties Parody

5 May

I forgot to add a funny video from the Youtube channel “History Teachers.” There are many songs for our next unit on ancient Greece. Enjoy!

The Geography of Greece

5 May

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Greece is a beautiful country and its geography shaped life there. Click on these links to learn more about how Greeks used their limited land resources and trade to prosper:
Odyssey Online – Click on the link ‘geography’ and then look at the map link and look at the British Museum to get an introduction to the geography of Greece. Click on this great link to see some maps of Greece
Follow Odysseus’ travels to many fantastic lands with this story
Be an underwater archaeologist – take the challenge!
Enjoy these links and post a comment telling me something interesting you learned about Greece.

How Egyptians Moved Massive Pyramid Stones

3 May
Drawing of a wall painting from the tomb of Djehutihotep, a semi-feudal ruler of an Ancient Egyptian province, 1880 BC. A person standing at the front of the sled is pouring water onto the sand.

Drawing of a wall painting from the tomb of Djehutihotep, a semi-feudal ruler of an Ancient Egyptian province, 1880 BC. A person standing at the front of the sled is pouring water onto the sand.

No, aliens did not build the pyramids!  The truth, researchers at the University of Amsterdam announced this week in a study published in the journal Physical Review Letters, may actually be quite simple. It has long been believed that Egyptians used wooden sleds to haul the stone, but until now it hasn’t been entirely understood how they overcame the problem of friction. It amounts to nothing more, scientists say, than a “clever trick.” Read this article to learn and learn more about this clever trick.

May Birthdays – Happy Birthday!

30 Apr

happy-birthday-picture-wallpaperHappy Birthday to the following students celebrating birthdays in the month of May: Min Jun (5/10), Sooji 5/16), Juyoung (5/28), and Robin (5/29). Have a great day!  Ms. Jaya, Mr. Seth, Mrs. Hall, and Mr. Martin

Ancient China Documentaries

30 Apr

These two documentaries are really excellent and give a nice overview of what we have learned in this unit. They will, of course, also feature new information as well. Enjoy!

Legacy of Ancient China

30 Apr

We will have a quiz on Lessons 3 and 4 on Friday. Watch some of the video clips on the Silk Roads or clips here. They support what we have learned in class and what you have read in your textbook. I am sure you will find even more information about the Qin, Han, Silk Roads and the legacy of ancient China in the videos. Post a comment and tell me something interesting you learned…maybe a new fact.




Silk Roads Project (Music)

29 Apr

Great music! The Silk Road Ensemble has performed in more than 25 countries, in venues ranging from concert halls to stadiums to museum galleries throughout the world, from New York’s Carnegie Hall to Shanghai Stadium. The Silk Road Ensemble performs both traditional music and newly commissioned works. Much of the Ensemble’s repertoire reflects the multicultural reality of many contemporary composers’ and musicians’ lives. 

The Silk Roads

29 Apr

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Our final lesson in our Ancient China unit focuses on the legacy of ancient China, their inventions, and the Silk Roads. Watch some videos on the playlist to learn more about the Silk Roads.  I (Mr. M) went to a fascinating exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City a few years ago. Some of the video clips come from that exhibit.
Here are some other helpful links:
Traveling the Silk Roads – Map
Silk Roads Surprises – AMNH
Essential Questions - AMNH
Silk Road fables 
Silk Road Music
Silk Road Radio



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